And the 5 Winners of Facebook's FbStart Apps of the Year Awards 2017 Are...

Article by George Norman (Cybersecurity Editor)

on 12 Jul 2017

The results of the third annual FbStart Apps of the Year Awards are in and the 5 apps to win an award, a cool cash prize, and be recognized as the most innovative apps in Facebook’s global startup program are…

Before I go and list the winners, I want to point out that Facebook received over 900 submissions from a grand total of 87 countries. A panel of judges went over all these submissions and picked 5 winners based on their current and projected growth, the customer experience, the app's design, and the way the apps leveraged Facebook products to drive engagement. That’s it, now go check out the 5 winners.

FbStart Apps of the Year Awards 2017 – List of Winners

SoloLearn – Global App of the Year, North America

SoloLearn is a free mobile app meant to be used by anyone who wants to learn to code. It offers 12 free courses, features a beautifully designed code editor, and covers multiple programming disciplines with over 900 topics that range from basic to intermediary and advanced. So if you’re always wanted to learn to code, this app will help you achieve that goal.

SoloLearn is available for iOS and Android.

Golden – Social Good App of the Year, North America

Golden is a volunteering app that aims to help you "discover your sense of purpose, meet people, and be happy." If you were thinking that it’ll do you good to help out and do put in volunteer work, Golden will help you find something that’s a perfect fit for your set of skills.

"A Golden Moment is when you're happy where you are, and you know it. We live for Golden Moments, and we know how it feels to go too long without them. Our team's taken totally different paths to arrive here, at our purpose: to encourage all of us to live in more Golden Moments," says Golden’s About page.

Golden is available for iOS and Android.

Maya – Regional App of the Year, Asia-Pacific

Seven million women across 190 countries worldwide use Maya to keep track of their menstrual cycles, related symptoms, mood swings and their overall health. Maya features an intuitive color code, can predict the time when your period will start, lets you set health reminders, and it even connects you with medical experts.

Maya is available for iOS and Android.

Mondly – Regional App of the Year, Europe, Middle East and Africa

Mondly is a language learning mobile app created by ATi Studios, a company that’s based in Romania. The app provides support for 34 different languages, lets you practice real life conversations with a chatbot, adapts its difficulty according to your results, lets you compete with friends, and more.

Mondly is available for iOS and Android.

ReservaTurno – Regional App of the Year, Latin America

Based in Argentina, ReservaTurno is the first mobile app in Latin America that lets you use your smartphone to book an appointment at a beauty salon. While certain salons still rely on traditional booking methods like walk-ins and phone calls, others rely on ReservaTurno to make life easier for their customers. And it works, with ReservaTurno facilitating 35K bookings per month.

ReservaTurno is available for iOS and Android.

Each award listed above was accompanied by a cash prize: $100,000 for the Global App of the Year Award, $15,000 for the Regional App of the Year Awards, and another $15,000 for the Social Good App of the Year Award.

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