4 Fun Videos Explain Why You Need Samsung SmartThings In Your Life

Article by George Norman (Cybersecurity Editor)

on 08 Feb 2016

With Samsung SmartThings, you can easily turn your home into a smart home and use your smartphone to remotely turn off the power, remotely adjust the temperature, get notifications when family members leave the house, get notifications when someone tries to break into your house, and more.

The fun videos presented below explain how SmartThings comes in handy in real life. Even if you’re not interested in Samsung SmartThings and IoT (Internet of Things), the videos are well worth your time. I’m sure they’ll put a smile on your face.

Prevent break ins

The phone starts buzzing in the middle of the night because someone triggered a SmartThings multipurpose sensor. Dad picks up his phone and sees that someone is trying to break into the house. So he wastes no time, gets his trusty tennis racquet, and confronts the would-be burglar. But it’s only Danny, dressed up as a bunny.

Prevent break outs

Max, the family bulldog, wants to go outside and, I don’t know, do whatever bulldogs do when they get out of the house. But he won’t get very far. One, because he can’t fit through the cat flap. And two, because Samsung SmartThings notifies Max’s owner that the cat flap is open.

Prevent accidents

It’s only normal to forget about things, like the fact that you ironed some clothes and left the iron plugged. Thanks to a smart Samsung SmartThings outlet, you don't have to worry that you'll burn the house down. You can remotely power off the outlet.

Prevent “accidents

Danny is up to no good – again. He invited a girl over to study and, channeling his inner Barney Stinson, he turned the heat way up. But thanks to Samsung SmartThings, dad gets a notification and turns down the heat from his smartphone.

More SmartThings uses

The infographic listed below further explains how Samsung SmartThings comes in handy.

Via Samsung Newsroom.

Learn more about Samsung SmartThings here.

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