10 Celebrities Apple Persuaded to Promote Siri

Article by George Norman (Cybersecurity Editor)

on 28 Jul 2017

If you’re a big name famous person and Apple comes knocking at your door, you’re not going to say no. After all, we’ve seen celebrities use their star power to endorse technology time and time again.

This is the case with the 10 celebrities listed below. When they were asked to promote Apple’s intelligent personal assistant, they jumped at the opportunity to do a Siri ad.

1. Samuel L. Jackson

Siri was released alongside the iPhone 4S back in the fall of 2011. In the spring of 2012, Apple tapped none other than Samuel L Jackson to help promote the personal assistant.

In the video embedded above, Samuel L. Jackson uses Siri to cancel his golf session and search for "organic mushrooms for my risotto" – because it’s date night, duh. The ad ends with Jackson lighting some candles and giving Siri the night off.

2. Zooey Deschanel

Samuel L. Jackson wasn’t the only celebrity that Apple used to promote Siri back in 2012. They also tapped Zooey Deschanel, the actress who is known for her quirky roles and her bangles – mostly her bangles.

In the video embedded above, Deschannel uses Siri to confirm what she can clearly see with her own eyes: that it is raining. Then she uses Siri to order some tomato soup, set a reminder, and play some music.

3. John Malkovich

And rounding up the trio of celebrities who promoted Siri half a decade ago is none other than John Makovich, who apparently didn’t quite grasp the concept that Siri understands natural language.

In the video embedded above, Malkovich asks for the forecast by simply saying "weather," he checks his calendar by saying "evening," and he looks for a restaurant by saying "linguica" (it’s a Portuguese smoke cured pork sausage, in case you didn’t know). But the icing on the cake is Malkowich asking Siri to tell a joke and laughing as someone who must be drunk, high, or incredibly pleased that he’s going to get a fat paycheck for a very poor performance.

4. Bill Hader

Let’s leave 2012 behind and jump to 2015, when Apple got Bill Hader to promote the iPhone 6S and Siri. How did they go about doing that? Why by getting Hader to fall for one of the oldest scams on the internet.

In the video embedded above, Hader asks Siri to read his unread messages and so he uncovers that he has a message from Prince Oseph with an "investment opportunity for the making of many a million of currency." Instead of dismissing the email for the obvious hoax that it is, Hader asks Siri to reply with the message "sign me up."

5. Penélope Cruz

Unlike all the celebrities listed above, Penélope Cruz doesn’t get a commercial all for herself. She only makes a brief appearance in this iPhone 6S ad from December 2015.

In the video embedded above, Penélope Cruz uses Siri to help her with her crossword puzzle. If you can’t make out what she’s saying because of her strong accent, Cruz asks "who was the Prime Minister of Britain in 1868?" I for one highly doubt that Siri could understand what she said. Not on the first try!

6. Jon Favreau

Also in 2015, Apple tapped Jon Favreau to put his name on the list of celebrities who have promoted Siri. The actor, director, and filmmaker didn’t look very far for inspiration, using Siri "on the set."

In the video embedded above, Jon Favreu is directing a scene and he is not happy with what he’s seeing. So to make himself clearer, he uses Siri to bring up pictures of flying squirrels.

7. Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx starred in two Siri ads. One where he makes fun of Siri having a crush on him and another where he uses Siri to select a script.

Foxx is looking in the mirror and fixing his tie. While doing this, he asks Siri how he looks like and when Siri compliments his voice, he goes on to laugh at the fact that Siri has a crush on him.

Foxx has two scripts in his hands but he can’t make up his mind. Which one to choose, which one to choose? Better ask Siri to flip a coin.

8. Cookie Monster

I don’t care if the Cookie Monster isn’t a real person. He is a celebrity and I am definitely going to include this ad from March 2016.

In the commercial embedded above, the Cookie Monster is baking cookies, because what else would he be doing? He uses Siri to set a timer and play some music. While he’s impatiently waiting for the cookies to bake, he messes around the kitchen and complains about the wait.

9. Neil Patrick Harris

This ad is from May 2016 and it stars Neil Patrick Harris, the actor who is best known for playing Barney Stinson in the now ended "How I Met Your Mother" sitcom.

NPH is looking in the mirror and fixing his suit when he asks Siri to read his "Thank You Speech" note. While Siri is reading the note, NPH lip syncs and practices all the gestures he’s got planned for the speech.

10. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

As you could probably tell, this list is in chronological order and thisis the newest Apple commercial that promotes Siri with a bit of help from a big name celebrity – in this case, none other than Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

The Rock, because I’m never going to stop calling Dwayne Johnson The Rock, uses Siri for everything that he needs to get done. Amazing as this ad might be, the funny thing is that it does a better job of promoting The Rock than Siri.

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