Windows Enhancers: Control and Monitor Processes and Applications (for Free)
Article by George Norman
On 19 Dec 2008
As we have mentioned before, if you would like your system to run faster, one issue that needs to be addressed is application and process monitoring (like disabling GoogleUpdate.exe and Atime on Linux). There are a couple of software programs that I would like to present to you, all of them designed to have an impact on how applications and process run on your Windows-based OS: Process Explorer 11.31, Application Monitor, Process Terminator, SmartClose 1.0, AllOff and Xpy 0.10.9.

I think a basic presentation is in order before we move on, and the presentation I am talking about is regarding the functionality of these software applications. They will do the following: cutoff your connection with Windows servers, determine which process has opened a certain file, reinitialize a process when it crashes, end processes that you do not want running on your machine, boost processing power, and last but not least, shut down your machine altogether when you are not using it (consider the environment).


Process Explorer 11.31

Don’t you just hate it when you want to delete a certain file but your OS warns you that some process is using it? Trying to figure out exactly what process is causing your grief is made easy with Process Explorer 11.31. With this program you can find out “which handles and DLLs processes have opened or loaded, even show you who owns each process,” things that will come in handy when you have to fix system problems or debug software.

Application Monitor

What this program does is it periodically checks the applications that you point out and sees if they have crashed or not; if they have indeed crashed, Application Monitor will reinitialize them. Think about it this way: you launched an application and you left it to run overnight, but when you wake up the next morning, you are shocked to see that at one point it crashed. Since you were asleep, you could not re-launch it; you have to take it from the top, again.

Process Terminator

With its simple interface and comprehensive tasks, you should not have any problems warming up to this program (especially if your computer skills are above average). Process Terminator displays the processes that your Windows OS is currently running, when they were initialized, how much CPU they take up, thread and handle count, allocated memory, and if Process UI is responding or not. With a simple click of the mouse you can shut down any process (but will not be warned if your actions will have any influence on the operating system’s stability).

SmartClose 1.0

Let’s say that you need to install a software application, but in order to do so you need all the processing power you can get, not to mention the fact that you need to shut down open applications and processes. With SmartClose 1.0 this is done seamlessly – all applications and processes are turned off, a “system snapshot” is taken, and when you are done installing that software your system will be restored to the pre-install, snapshot status (all previously closed applications and processes will be turned back on).


What this application does is it tracks mouse movement, keyboard activity and CPU load, and according to the parameter that you feed it, it will turn off your machine. Here is an example of parameter that you can set up: if the CPU load over a period of 20 minutes is under 5%, shutdown the PC.

Xpy 0.10.9

Don’t you just hate it when your system is sluggish because it is communicating with Microsoft servers? With xpy 0.10.9 you can disable this server communication, and thus increase your level of privacy (it also has a beneficial impact on system security).

If you would like to get Process Explorer 11.31, a download location is available here.
If you would like to get Application Monitor, a download location is available here.
If you would like to get Process Terminator, a download location is available here.
If you would like to get Smart Close, a download location is available here.
If you would like to get AllOff, a download location is available here.
If you would like to get Xpy 0.10.9, a download location is available here.

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Windows Enhancers: Control and Monitor Processes and Applications (for Free)
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