Lunascape: What Happens when you Blend Firefox, IE, and Chrome Together
Article by George Norman
On 25 Nov 2008
With the recent economic turmoil, people are giving up on the gas guzzling SUV and turning to more economical vehicles, such as hybrids. The software program developed by Lunascape, Lunascape 5.0 Genesis Alpha, is similar to a hybrid in that it combines the most popular browsers to date (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer) into one, incredibly fast browser.

As Lunascape puts it, the only reason why a computer user installs and runs several browsers is so as to tackle compatibility and optimization issues. This is not only annoying, it also takes its toll time-wise. What Lunascape has come up with is a software program that incorporates the three main rendering engines (Gecko, Trident and WebKit) that are used by the most popular browsers on the market (which we mentioned and linked above).


“I wanted to suggest one area of innovation that Lunascape is bringing to the table. We are a Japanese company, founded in 2004, with a web browser that includes all three major rendering engines (Trident, Gecko, WebKit). No need to run multiple browsers to deal with incompatibilities. Also, based on testing with SunSpider JavaScript benchmarks, we are the fastest browser in the world. We have many other features as well including crash protection, mouse gestures, and more. It's not just a fun engineer's project, either. Lunascape has been downloaded over 10 million time,” said Naoki Okui, Marketing Division Manager with Lunascape, in response to ComputerWorld.

There is one catch regarding the Lunascape 5.0 Genesis Alpha browser - notice the word Alpha in there? You should put some emphasis on it, because it means that software is still in its early development phase. While it is still an Alpha, this software is best suited for testing and bug tracking, not for day to day use. For the time being we will have to contend with putting the software through its paces only so as to discover flaws in it, but its immense potential has us anxiously awaiting the day when the final software version will hit the market.

Additional info regarding Lunascape as well as a download location is available here.

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Lunascape: What Happens when you Blend Firefox, IE, and Chrome Together
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