Lily Allen Sues Apple, Intego Offers Her a Free Copy of VirusBarrier X6
Article by George Norman
On 20 Sep 2010
I had no idea that British singer Lily Allen is not a PC person, but apparently she likes Macs more than PCs – good for her. I also did not know that the singer is suing Apple. As it turns out, the singer had her machine hacked into – bad for her. She tried to get Apple to help her find out who hacked her Mac, but Apple did not live up to the singer’s expectations. Unsatisfied that Apple did not help her find out who hacked into her Mac, the singer decided to take the company to court.

Yep, you heard that right. Because someone – we don’t know who – hacked into Lilly Allen’s Mac, she is suing Apple. It’s like me suing Microsoft for getting a virus on my PC – not that I ever will, because I use a top notch security software solution to keep all threats at bay.


Speaking of protection, Intego, company that specializes in providing security solutions for Mac, recently announced that its VirusBarrier X6 security software solution, offered to give Lily Allen a free copy of VirusBarrier X6 so that she can avoid such incidents in the future.

“Apparently [Lily Allen] tried to get Apple to help find out who hacked her laptop, and not being satisfied with the results of this, she decided to sue. If only she had VirusBarrier X6 on her laptop, perhaps this wouldn’t have happened. If she gets in touch with us, we’ll be happy to give her a free copy, to protect her from any future problems,” said Intego in a blog post.

Intego recently touted the fact that besides offering top protection against Mac-specific security threats, VirusBarrier X6 also offers protection against Windows security threats. Intego cited the French site who put Intego’s security solution and 3 other Mac antimalware programs to the test. The other 4 programs were Kaspersky Antivirus, Norton Antivirus 11 and McAfee Internet Security. Out of 635 threats, VirusBarrier managed to detect a grand total of 633. The other antimalware programs did not do as well as VirusBarrier X6. Read more about it here.

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Lily Allen Sues Apple, Intego Offers Her a Free Copy of VirusBarrier X6
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