Laptop Hunters Round 5: Mother and Daughter Get a Dell
Article by George Norman
On 18 May 2009
Following the very recent release of yet another series of Get a Mac ads (3 new ones, out of which the Elimination one had me laughing and laughing and laughing), Microsoft has issued round five of its Laptop Hunters ad campaign that touts the fact that PCs offer “more bang for the buck” – as Windows Communications Manager, Brandon LeBlanc, said when the campaign kicked off.

In this latest Laptop Hunters ad we are introduced to a mother and daughter duo, daughter Lauren (not the same Lauren from the first ad) and mother Sue. Lauren says she wants a laptop with “speed, portability and battery life” for under $1,700 and what she ends up with is a Dell XPS 13. According to Lauren, portability is a big selling point for the laptop of her choice because she is about to be a law student, and she will carry the laptop with her to class; battery life is also important since she wouldn’t want to run out of battery right in the middle of a class, now would she?


As you have come to expect from these ads, there is the one moment in there when Microsoft throws Apple and Macs a punch. This time the punch is “Why would you pay twice the price?” as mom Sue so elegantly puts it; and daughter Lauren answers “I wouldn’t.”

So what have we seen from this latest Laptop Hunters ad, featuring a soon to be law student and her mom? Pretty much the same old bits and pieces we’ve come to expect from the series:
1. No Windows operating system is advertised, the simple fact that PCs are triumphant (sales wise) over Macs is depicted.
2. Microsoft once again drives home the idea that PCs are affordable and come with that and the other, while Macs just cost a lot of money and don’t do much. In all fairness, this ad only asks the question “why would you pay double,” emphasizing the idea that an equally powerful PC costs half as much as a Mac; previous ads stated Macs are expensive and underpowered (like Sheila, who complained she did not have enough RAM).

The one thing that caught my eye is that unlike Giampaolo and Lauren (the initial one) and Sheila, Lauren does not get an HP; she gets a Dell for Dell XPS 13 for just under $1,000

If you would like to watch the Lauren and Sue Laptop Hunters ad, an YouTube link is available here.

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Laptop Hunters Round 5: Mother and Daughter Get a Dell
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