Fun with Photos: MorphThing and OldBooth
Article by George Norman
On 17 Dec 2008
They say that a picture is worth a thousand words; well, after you try these photo editing applications they will be worth a couple of laughs also, that’s for sure. With MorphThing you can take two pictures and morph them together (just like you might have guessed from the application’s name). With OldBooth you can replicate the times when you went to a carnival, stuck your head into those painted facades cutouts and had your picture taken.

With MorphThing things are pretty much self-explanatory, especially when you find out that its motto is “the online face morpher”. The online service’s main focus is celebrities and what would result if you wanted to lets say combine Tom Cruise and David Beckham (the result is actually not that bad, as you can see here ).


The great thing about MorphThing is that it requires no download, it comes with a wide range of celebrity pics to play with, and if you take the time to register you can upload your very own pictures and start having fun with them as well. To my mind, this would be a great idea to see how your children might end up looking (if you had them with your girlfriend or a celebrity). The other great thing is that MorphThing is a bit more developed that the similar, simpler picture morphing applications out there.

Since it is an online service, MorphThing will work with any operating system, and comes free-of-charge. OldBooth on the other hand is an iPhone app that will set you back about $5. You can use your iPhone’s camera to take a picture of yourself and then edit it within OldBooth – there are plenty of predefined male and female bodies to play with, ensuring you will be amused.

If you would like to play with MorphThing, just click here.
If you would like to get OldBooth, a download location is available here.

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Fun with Photos: MorphThing and OldBooth
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