Express Your Christmas Wishes with Yahoo! Messenger Audibles and Singing Emoticons
Article by George Norman
On 12 Dec 2008
When it comes to instant messaging applications, there are plenty of options to choose from – there is Spicebird 0.7 Beta, Trillian 3.1, AIM Blast, and many others. The great thing about Yahoo! Messenger is that it updates its Audibles gallery to correspond with current events and celebrations. With Christmas just around the corner, the Yahoo team has added some new audibles and for the first time ever has put together a band of merry emoticons called Emoticarolers, that you can send out as your very own, personal Christmas greeting card.

Product Manager with Yahoo Messenger, Sarah Bacon explains: “This year, we’re pleased to introduce the Emoticarolers, a band of cheery singers with their own unique take on the holiday classics. Pick the Emoticarolers for your group, customize the lyrics to a favorite tune, and then send your e-card off to the digital doorsteps of your friends and family. Once you’ve completed your Emoticaroler greeting, you can IM it to a friend, include it as a link in your Yahoo! Messenger status message, email it, or download the MP3.”


If you would like to create your very own Emoticarolers greeting card and send it out to your friends and loved ones, you can do so here. If you would like a more direct approach, then the Holliday and Holiday Hints audibles that recently made their way to Yahoo! Messenger will prove more to your taste.

In related news, a Russian entrepreneur by the name of Oleg Teterin, has trademarked the ;-) emoticon (you know, the one that winks). Oleg Teterin, who currently occupies the position of president with Superfone, has stated that individuals using this emoticon will not be charged in any way; companies on the other hand will have to fork over “tens of thousands of dollars” if they want to stay on the legal side. For this amount of money the corporation will get an annual license to use the ;-) emoticon. Similar emoticons, such as :-) and ;) and :) may be subjected to the same trademark license since the resemblance is remarcable.

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Express Your Christmas Wishes with Yahoo! Messenger Audibles and Singing Emoticons
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