Simultaneous Multiple Buddy Chat with AIM Blast, Secunia Discovers Multiple Threats in Trillion 3.X
Article by George Norman
On 05 Dec 2008
Instant messaging programs are great to say the least: they come free to download, they are free to use, and come in handy when you want to communicate with people mullions of miles away (or just over in the other room). The AOL Instant Messenger has recently got a new feature called AIM Blast which allows you to talk to multiple users at the same time, no chatroom creation necessary.

“The AIM Blast feature is a new part of the AIM service, allowing you to IM your Buddies all at once directly from your Buddy List. You can set up your Blast group however you'd like — keep things private with just a few friends, or let anyone invite anyone and watch it grow!” says AIM.


The thing is that if you already have AIM installed on your machine, use it on a day to day basis, and want to talk to multiple buddies at once, you cannot do so directly from within AIM. The only viable means of setting up an AIM Blast Group is to visit their home page and take it from there. There should not be any 3rd party application compatibility issues (unless you are using Meebo). Once you are all done setting up the Blast Group, it will appear in your buddy list, just like any other regular AIM account you are linked to.

In related news, late last month we were announcing that Trillian became available to the general public. With the Trillian software application one can keep an eye on multiple instant messaging accounts, including AIM. The Danish researchers from Secunia, company that specializes in tracking security vulnerabilities, have discovered that Trillian Basic and Trillian Pro versions 3.X are affected by three highly critical security vulnerabilities. A person with malicious intent could take advantage of these security holes and execute arbitrary code on the targeted machine. Secunia advises Trillian users to update to the latest version of this software application, Trillian, since this is the only version that is not afflicted.

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Simultaneous Multiple Buddy Chat with AIM Blast, Secunia Discovers Multiple Threats in Trillion 3.X
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