Constructor/BitTera.C, Software Tool for Malware Creation
Article by George Norman
On 04 Dec 2008
Among all the different malware creation tools that Constructor provides, let us focus on the newest one, namely on Constructor/BitTera.C. Similar software applications that Constructor has released to the general public include Constructor/Turkojan, Constructor/Wormer and Constructor/YFakeCreator.

What is so special about BitTera.C that it deserves its very own article? We see malware on the web day to day (lately we’ve seen some interesting threats to the Mac OS X – the Lamezev.A Trojan, the SX/Jahlav-A Trojan, the Intego related Trojan, and even malware products that pretend to be security solutions), we see security software providers post warnings on a day to day basis, we see so many threats that one has to wonder just how hard it is to create malware. Looking over some of Constructor/BitTera.C’s functions and user interface, not hard at all.


The only thing that should have you working just a bit harder is trying to locate a download location, since as you can imagine a simple Google Search will not do it. But once you get the software and have it up and running, you will be amazed at how basic (and by that I mean easy to use) the control panel of Constructor/BitTera.C is. All you have to do is select the features that your malware will have, choose the error message that the infected user will get, pick the name the malware will assume upon infection, and click “Aceptar” (that is Spanish for “Accept”).

Here are the least severe features that you can select for your malware: turn off monitor, mute system volume, close IE every 10 seconds, swap mouse buttons, play a beep sound every second, remove run from Start, shut down the machine every 5 minutes, remove the desktop wallpaper, open optical drives (CD, DVD) every 10 seconds, swap the Start button with something “funny” or hide it, and so on. You will agree that all these tasks are more of a nuisance than an actual threat, but then we get to some other features you can add to your Constructor/BitTera.C created virus, things such as disabling the firewall, the Security Center, Task Manager, Regedit, CMD, or slowing down your processor’s speed.

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Constructor/BitTera.C, Software Tool for Malware Creation
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