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Powersuite - Uniblue's Ultimate PC Performance Solution

Powersuite is the top of the line product in Uniblue’s range of products. Via a user friendly interface it provides easy access to lots of features that will help make your computer run at top performance.

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DvdReMake Pro - Intuitive DVD editor

The first thing you need to know about DvdReMake Pro is what it can do for you. To put it bluntly, this DimadSoft-developed application allows you to change the appearance, change the navigation and

28 May 2010

BB FlashBack Express – Free Screen Recorder for Windows

Right of the top of my head, I can think of two types of tutorials. Firs there is the text type, the tutorial that presents nothing but text. Sure, these tutorials are useful, but you could easily get bored with

20 May 2010

Global Time Synchronizer – Handy time Keeping Tool

At a download size of under 3MB, you will not even notice when the download of Global Time Synchronizer (a desktop utility developed by Magneto Software) completes. Not having to wait a long

11 May 2010

VIP Task Manager Professional Edition

Founded in March 2004 in Odessa, Ukraine, VIP Quality Software is a privately held company that specializes in developing task management, time management, project management and human

05 May 2010

CyberInstaller Suite – Software to Create Installation Packages

Developed by Italy-based software developer SilverCyberTech, CyberInstaller Suite is a software application that

28 Apr 2010

Contact Wolf – Powerful and Easy to Use Contact Management Solution

Lone Wolf Software is a company that specializes in developing car care software, auto care and car maintenance software, contact management software and address book software, backup software,

20 Apr 2010

VIP Team To Do List - Organizer, Planner, Notepad and Reminder

Founded in March 2004 in Odessa, Ukraine, VIP Quality Software is a privately held company that specializes in developing ask management, time management, project management and human

14 Apr 2010

InfoPro - Note keeper and Manager

There are several bits and pieces that you are going to like about this ZPAY Payroll Systems-developed piece of software. The first thing you are going to like that the application will download in

09 Apr 2010

XXCLONE – Easy Way to Clone a Windows Disk

Did you ever want to take the entire Windows system volume and move it from one drive to another? Did you want to clone a Windows disk in an easy to do manner?

09 Apr 2010

H264AVCommunication - Audio and Video Communication Tool

H264AVCommunication is a software application that was developed by TimHillOne Software – you might remember TimHillOne Software for having come up with H264 WebCam, a

09 Apr 2010

Audio Editor Pro – More than a Simple Audio Editor

Mightsoft specializes in developing software applications that cater to your multimedia needs. For example it developed applications that can rip DVDs, convert media from one format to another, and

30 Mar 2010

e-Speaking Voice and Speech Recognition

They say that the most used computer peripheral is the mouse. People use it to access all the various functions software applications have to offer – for example click the refresh button in the web

29 Mar 2010

ImagiPass – Interesting Way to Keep Your Passwords Protected

The only thing that keeps the bad guys out of your various online accounts (email account or social networking account for example) is a properly strong password. That is why security experts tell us to

24 Mar 2010

Online Desktop Presenter – Let Others See Your Desktop

If you need to help out a friend in need who can’t troubleshoot his computer on his own, you need to use a software application that allows you to remotely take control of your friend’s machine. The names

24 Mar 2010

ExamDiff Pro – Software to Compare Files and Folders

Did you ever want to take two files, put them side by side and see what differences are between the two? Or did you ever want to take two folders, put them side by side and see how they differ?

23 Mar 2010

RationalPlan Single Project - Powerful Project Management Software

If you have to plan one or more projects and want to do so with ease, then you need to use the proper piece of software to help you out. There is one company that caters to your project management

22 Mar 2010