Yahoo Messenger Christmas Joy: IMVironments, Audibles, Singing Emoticons and Avatars
Article by George Norman
On 18 Dec 2008
It is official: Christmas Eve is less than a week away, so prepare to drink eggnog, hang up mistletoe, and spread the Christmas spirit with the holiday oriented features that Yahoo Messenger 9 has to offer. In related Yahoo news, the aforementioned company has released a new toolbar and upgraded Yahoo Mail .

We have to start with something, so we will start with the holiday oriented audibles that Yahoo features: “Holiday” and “Holliday Hints”. In the first category, you have four audibles that convey generic holiday greetings, like the snowflake that says “Seasons Greetings and Happy Holidays to aaaalllll” while melting. In the “Holidy Hints” category you have more complex audibles that focus on the material aspect of the holidays (the presents). My personal favorite is the “I'm hoping I'm getting a Laptop for Xmas. . . I love you!” (because it’s true, I do want a new laptop ).


Moving on to IMVironments, it must be said that there is a new one entitled Flickr, which will display a slideshow of Christmassy , wintery pics. “Put some seasonal photos into your IM background with the Flickr IMV. It will open automatically to pictures from December, full of snowy landscapes and other winter favorites,” says Product Manager with Yahoo Messenger, Sarah Bacon.

Nothing says Christmas better than a merry band of carolers – Yahoo knows this and that is why it now features Emoticarolers, “a band of cheery singers with their own unique take on the holiday classics.” This service is somewhat similar to the YouTube Christmas Greeting Cards, just that instead of using videos (from the web or one you made yourself) as a greeting card, you get to use singing emoticons and customize the lyrics of some of the best known Christmas songs. You can then send out the resulting greeting card by email or IM, you can download it in mp3 format, or you can include it in your status message.

If you would prefer sending out a greeting card as opposed to a merry band of carolers, Yahoo provides for that too with Frosty’s Scrapbook .

Don’t think for a moment that Yahoo has forgotten about your avatar. You can now dress up your avatar to match your Christmas spirit (or Hanukkah and Kwanzaa). There is even a plug-in that allows you to modify the avatar of one of your friends and then show it to him.

If you would like to download Yahoo Messenger, a download location is available here.

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Yahoo Messenger Christmas Joy: IMVironments, Audibles, Singing Emoticons and Avatars
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