Windows Only: The Chrome Team's Favorite Browser Extensions
Article by George Norman
On 05 Oct 2010
A few moments ago we reported on the Chrome team’s favorite browser extensions – for Mac users. We couldn’t leave Windows users out in the cold, now could we? So we switch focus away from Apple and put it on the Redmond-based software giant Microsoft. Here are the Chrome extensions the Windows users on the Chrome team find to be most useful.

Google Voice – this Chrome extension allows the user to make calls to landline and mobile phones, send text messages, preview the inbox, and receive notifications when he gets new messages. The extension also lets the user make a call by simply clicking a number presented on a site.
Please note that the functionality this extension provides is available for US users only.


Google Dictionary – want to easily and quickly see definitions for words you do not understand? Then you need to get the Google Dictionary extension. Double click a word and a small pop-up bubble with its definition will appear; or you can use the address bar dictionary to view the complete definition for any word of phrase.

Opinion Cloud – this application provides you with an overview of the crowd’s overall opinion by summarizing comments on YouTube videos and Flickr photos. By using this extension you do not have to read the thousands of comments some YouTube videos or Flickr photos get.

AutoPager – this extension will save you the trouble of having to click “Next”. Let’s say you entered a search query into Google; the browser will display the first 10 search results on the first page, the following 10 results on the second page, and so on as long as you keep clicking “Next”. The AutoPager extension automatically loads the next page so that you can focus on the site, not on clicking. AutoPager works with tons of other sites, not just Google.

Turn Off the Lights – this extension is meant to provide the user with a better video watching experience. What the add-on does is it fades the page to dark and automatically focuses to the video. To fade the page, the user needs only click the lamp button; when the users clicks it again, everything is back to normal.

After the Deadline – to make sure your email, tweet or blog post does not have any spelling mistake, you can use the After the Deadline extension. This Chrome extension uses artificial intelligence to check spelling, style, and grammar.

Invisible Hand – you don’t want to waste your money, now do you? If you want to buy something online, the Invisible Hand Chrome extension tells you if the same item is available somewhere else at a lower price. The extension discreetly notifies you if the product you’re checking out is available more cheaply from another retailer; just click the notification and you are taken to the other retailer’s site.

Secbrowsing – this extension checks that your plugins are up-to-date and notifies you when it finds out-of-date, vulnerable plugins.

TinyEye – TinyEye is the image search engine that uses image identification technology as opposed to keywords. This is the official TinyEye extension; it allows Chrome users to find out where an image came from, how it's being used, if modified versions of the image exist, or find higher resolution versions.

Slideshow – with this extension you can turn photo sites such as Flickr, Picasa, Facebook, and Google Images into slideshows.

Google Docs/PDF Viewer – get this extension if you want to preview PDF files, PowerPoint presentations, and other documents in Google Docs Viewer.

Readability – turns a webpage into an ad-free single column of text.

Chrome Bird – this is a Twitter extension; with it you can follow your timelines and interact with your Twitter account.

Feedsquares – this handy extension is for all of you who use Google Reader. Feedsquares presents you with fun, refreshing way to read your favorite feeds.

ScribeFire – initially released for Mozilla’s Firefox browser, this very popular Chrome extension is a full-featured blog editor that lets you post to Wordpress, Blogger, TypePad, Windows Live Spaces, Tumblr, Posterous, Xanga, LiveJournal, or any other blog that supports the MetaWeblog or MovableType APIs. The extension also lets you edit and update existing posts.

Note Anywhere – put virtual post-it notes on any webpage out there. The post-it notes will be loaded automatically when you visit that webpage.

Instant Messaging Notifier – send and receive instant messages on MSN, Yahoo, GTalk, Skype, Facebook, and other IM networks.

Remember the Milk – the popular task management app that needs no presentation. – this extension turns the entire web into your personal music library. The extension runs in the background and indexes every MP3 file you come across; you end up with an extensive, personal music library.

You can check out more than 7,000 Chrome extensions on the Google Chrome Extensions gallery here.

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Windows Only: The Chrome Team's Favorite Browser Extensions
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