Windows Live Messenger: More Interesting Anniversary Tales
Article by George Norman
On 09 Jul 2009
Less than two weeks from now the Microsoft developed instant messaging (IM) client Windows Live Messenger will celebrate its 10th anniversary and to celebrate the development team behind the software product wants you to send in stories on how Windows Live Messenger “enabled friendships, changed lives, or just brought a lot of fun to a quick chat with a good friend or family member.”

Since this announcement was made late last month, numerous Windows Live Messenger users have sent in theor stories and the team from Redmond has already selected one and shared it with the world. It was the story of Clem from Canada who got his messenger windows mixed up and ended up IMing the girl he was trying to impress instead of a good friend (details here). The Windows Live Messenger team has now selected a second interesting story to share with the world – it was sent in by Cindy from China, read below.


A few days ago a coworker of mine successfully proposed to his girlfriend via his Windows Live status message. It caused such a commotion around here that everyone and their dog knew. For those of you who are still digging around in your brains for a creative proposing strategy, let me share with you his little success story. Let’s start off from the beginning. One regular afternoon at work, he suddenly changed his Windows Live Messenger status message to: “Today I am proposing. Everyone, please help me send a text at 19:00 that says: XiaXue, please marry Liu YunShan!” At first we thought he was just playing around, but he told us he was being serious!

So for the whole day, he kept signing in and out, in and out. It was impossible for anyone who was on Messenger with a pair of eyes to not see his message. It immediately became the hottest topic on Messenger as everyone became interested in helping him out.

Right after work, we all found a good place near the main entrance to hide and watch “the show.” I even borrowed our company’s video camera to record that special moment. As planned, the lucky lady appeared at around 6pm. Completely clueless, she walked into our building as we bombarded her with our paparazzi-like photography skills. Before she knew it, he appeared right there in front of her, down on one knee. In his hand was a bouquet of 99 fresh red roses. At that moment, everyone in the entire building melted.

Just when she thought things were over, her cell phone began to ring. One ring after another, the Messenger proposal volunteers’ messages all came flooding into her cell phone. OMG, it must have lasted for at least 5 minutes. She burst into tears as she read the proposal messages:

“Speaking on behalf of the entire company, I strongly ask that you marry XiaoShan! He has been nominated as the best employee for years! With him, at least your stomach will always be filled!”

“XiaoXue, please take good care of XiaoShan”

“XiaoXue, marry XiaoShan! He is mature, stable, career-driven, has a house, almost has a car… Wait, this is what I’m looking for in a husband! PS: he has sexy legs :) Marry him!”

“Sister in-law, please pay mercy to XiaoShan, he has been singing Single Love Song every day, we’re all about to explode. If he sings that again, beat him up! Hehe, wish you guys the best!”

“Beautiful XiaoXue, marry XiaoShan!”

“XiaoXue, marry the beasty XiaoShan!” …

The proposal strategy was successful: the couple went and registered the next day.

Other recent anniversary-related software news:
- Blogger will turn 10 this August and Google wants to hear how the blog publishing system has impacted your life in a positive manner (details here)
- Cerulean Studios recently celebrated its 9th anniversary and with the occasion brought back Trillian for Web (details here).
- This one has nothing to do with any anniversary, but it does come from Microsoft and it is related to story telling: send in your Office 2007 success story and win some PR (details here).

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Windows Live Messenger: More Interesting Anniversary Tales
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