Windows 7 Final and Windows Mobile 7 Coming Next Year
Article by George Norman
On 06 Mar 2009
It was rumored that Microsoft will push the development team of Windows 7 so that the final version would be ready by the end of the year, which was great news for all of us that have tested the Beta (Build 7000) and even later builds that became available for download on torrent sites (Build 7022 and Build 7048). Rachel Linnemann, lead of Windows Commercial Group with Microsoft Germany, in a press conference held this week made sure to emphasize that a final version of Windows 7 will not come out by Christmas.

According to Rachel Linnemann, Microsoft will stick by its previous commitment of putting out a new operating system every three years. Going by that reasoning, the development process of Windows 7 should be wrapped up by early 2010. To my mind, the fact that they are taking their time with Windows 7 could prove a good thing in that features will be polished out and kinks in the system will be ironed out. On the other hand, that “one OS every 3 years” did not exactly hold up when Vista was released, now did it? And I’m sure plenty of users would love to see Windows 7 as soon as possible.


Moving on, it seems that the iPhone’s success (devices which are banned in the Gates household) is pushing Microsoft to further develop and enhance the Windows Mobile operating system. “We have a significant release coming this year. Not the full release we wanted to have this year, but we have a significant release coming this year with Windows Mobile 6.5. I think that would look a lot like the phone that I showed that was in the slide, but very good catch, very impressed. He was right on both scores, very good. But I think with Windows Mobile 6.5, there will be phones in market this year. We still don't get some of the things that people want on the highest-end phones. Those will come on Windows Mobile 7 next year. Certainly I'm not, um -- there're opportunities for us to accelerate our execution in this area, and we've done a lot of work to really make sure we have a team that's going to be able to accelerate,” said Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer this week at the Public Sector CIO Summit.

So it seems that next year we will have Windows 7 installed on our PCs and Windows Mobile 7 on our smartphones. Till then, we will first get to play with Windows 7 Release Candidate – and here’s how Microsoft plans to enhance this version of the OS.

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Windows 7 Final and Windows Mobile 7 Coming Next Year
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