Warhammer Online Boosts XP Points for RvR Combat
Article by George Norman
On 24 Oct 2008
The Warhammer Online team is trying to get people to leave player versus player combat (PvP) behind and focus on something a bit more large scale – RvR or realm versus realm combat. And how did the guys at Mythic go about doing this? One of the simplest but most effective ways possible: offer double experience points for RvR combat.

According to Andy Belford, Open RvR participation has has shown an increase after region-wide and RvR-wide chat channels have been added to the game. “In order to encourage this trend even further, we have made an additional adjustment to the experience awarded for killing enemy players in an Open RvR area. Previously we increased this amount by 50%. As of today, that bonus has been raised to 100%,” he says. In layman's terms, if you kill someone in a PvP scenario you will get half as much points as killing the same player in Open RvR.


I remember a time when nobody believed Warhammer could break the limits of its RPG (short for Role Playing Game) status. Nobody apart from a dedicated team from Mythic Entertainment, a team that proved a MMORPG (short for massively multiplayer online role playing game) Warhammer game could be successful. As a matter of fact Warhammer Online's popularity has reached such heights that it is enough to give World of Warcraft some reasons to worry.

The last time we counted, the number of paying Warhammer Online subscribers had exceeded the 750.000 mark. This does not seem like much when compared to World of Warcraft, which has around 10 million subscribers, but keep in mind that the number of Warhammer Online subscribers is expected to increase.

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Warhammer Online Boosts XP Points for RvR Combat
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