Voting Over, YouTube AdBlitz Presents the Top 3 Ads of the Super Bowl LI
Article by George Norman
On 17 Feb 2017
The Super Bowl isn’t just about passes, tackles, improbable comebacks, and record-setting passing yards. It’s also about the halftime show and, let’s not forget, the ads. For the past 8 years now, YouTube puts all the Super Bowl ads in a central, easy to reach location: YouTube AdBlitz.

Also for the past 8 years, YouTube asks the users to cast their votes and help pick the top ads of the Big Game. The votes for the Super Bowl LI have been counted and the AdBlitz 2017 winners are…


3rd Place: Mr. Clean – "Cleaner of Your Dreams"

You gotta love a man who cleans.

2nd Place: Netflix – Stranger Things Season 2 Promo

Netflix’s hit series Stranger Things returns for a second season this Halloween.

AdBlitz 2017 Champion: KIA – "Hero's Journey"

Watch Melissa McCarthy set off on a mission to save the planet only to uncover the hard way that it’s not easy to be an eco-warrior.

AdBlitz 2017 Category Winners

For the first time ever, YouTube AdBlitz had a category competition. Kia’s ad won the Automotive Category, Netflix’s promo won the Entertainment Category, and Mr. Clean’s commercial won the Home & Personal Care Category.

Here are all the other AdBlitz 2017 categories and their respective winners.

AdBlitz 2017 Food & Beverage: Budweiser – "Born the Hard Way"

The founder’s ambitious journey to America in pursuit of his dream: to brew the King of Beers.

AdBlitz 2017 Gaming: World of Tanks – "Real Awful Moms"

Tanks rule and awful moms… don’t!

AdBlitz 2017 Healthcare: Aflac – "Surgery"

Don’t let an injury or illness force you into selling your vintage car.

AdBlitz 2017 Restaurants: KFC – "Colonel vs. Colonel"

There can be only one Colonel.

AdBlitz 2017 Retail: 84 Lumber – "The Journey Begins"

Watch the entire journey at

AdBlitz 2017 Tech: T-Mobile – "NSFWireless with Kristen Schaal"

Thank you for calling Verizon customer service, where we promise to punish you if you go over your data limit.

AdBlitz 2017 Travel & Leisure: Airbnb – "We Accept"

Acceptance starts with all of us.

Missed any Super Bowl LI commercial? Want to rewatch the Super Bowl LI ads? You can do that on YouTube AdBlitz 2017.

And don't forget to check out last year’s top 5 ads of the Super Bowl 50.

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Voting Over, YouTube AdBlitz Presents the Top 3 Ads of the Super Bowl LI
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