Users Mourn Stikkit and I Want Sandy as Values of N Shuts Them Down
Article by George Norman
On 26 Nov 2008
“Values of n”, the company behind popular online services Stikkit and I Want Sandy, will pull the plug on the aforementioned services as of the 8th of December, the current year. For the remaining week and a half the two will continue to function as normal, but you are well advised to use this period of time to switch similar online services. The decision comes with the recent Twitter acquisition of “Values of n”.

Rael Dornfest, whom will give up his position as Value of n’s CEO (Chief Executive Office) in order to remain on the Twitter team as an engineer, is better known for his work on RSS 1.0 and for his CTO (Chief Technology Officer) position with O’Reilly Media.


“While the company and services will be shutting down, Stikkit and Sandy's DNA will live on; the intellectual property behind both has been acquired by Twitter, Inc. While Twitter has no immediate plans to incorporate Sandy or Stikkit's feature sets into its core product, those who know our apps well may notice familiar-feeling bits and bobs appearing in your Twitter experience,” commented Rael Dornfest.

According to Dornfest, the reason why he decided to stick with the Twitter team is because in the few months he’s been collaborating with them he simply fell in love with how they go about doing things and with the software product that Twitter provides to the general public. While Dornfest seems to be more than happy with his position as an engineer with Twitter, rumors on the web have it that the main reason why Twitter gave the acquisition for Values of n a green light was so as to bring Dornfest on board.

What does the future hold for I Want Sandy and Stikkit? Twitter says that for the time being it has no specific plans for the technology, but in the future we might see similar applications in Twitter. The emphasis here is on the word “might”; with no assurance that they will actually continue work on these services, we may just as well expect Twitter to forget about them and focus on the brilliant mind of Rael Dornfest

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Users Mourn Stikkit and I Want Sandy as Values of N Shuts Them Down
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