Turn Your Vista OS into an Early Windows 7 Version
Article by George Norman
On 26 Nov 2008
These days the Internet is buzzing with news on the upcoming Windows 7, things such as the fact that the Beta version of the OS release date has been pushed back to June 2009, or the fact that no one yet knows how many versions of Windows 7 will Microsoft market once the OS sheds its Beta status in favor of RTM or final. What I present to you is a series of software applications that perform similar tasks to the features that you can expect to get with Windows 7.

I am sure that there are plenty of users out there that are getting pretty fed up with all the talk about Windows 7 and how it is much better than its predecessors, Vista and XP. The truth is that the IT experts in the media have found out that Windows 7 is not as cracked up as Microsoft says it is, and proof that innovation work still needs to be done is the fact that the release of Windows 7 Beta which was due to drop by the end of the year has been put on ice for the time being. Now if Windows 7 is very similar to Vista, why not use some simple software apps to turn your Vista into a 7 look-alike. Xp users take note that most of them also work with your OS.



You may have already heard that the Windows 7 dock is sort of a Mac OS Dock copycat. Well, you can think of RocketDock 1.3.5 (which we have already covered in the “ Desktop Customization: 3 Featured Software Programs ”) as an impersonator’s impersonator, in that it resembles the Mac Dock, which in turn is similar to the Windows 7 dock.

Winsplit Revolution

If you have a widescreen monitor, and chances are you do since in some parts of the world shops carry only widescreens, you will like the fact that Windows 7 lets you resize a window and then dock it anywhere on the screen. The same functionality can be obtained with Winsplit Revolution.

Aero Shake

In Windows 7, if you select a window and shake it, all the other windows will minimize themselves automatically; do it again and the windows will snap back into view. You do not need to wait for Windows 7 to get this feature, because Aero Shake1.3 already provides for it.

Emerge Windows Shell Replacement

This free application can be used to modify the look of your Windows taskbar, Start menu and even right-click menus, thus giving the OS a more customized feel. It is also useful because it allows you to better control the applications that make it to the system tray.


Get the same Wi-Fi network accessibility that you would in Windows 7 with the Network Settings Manager Professional or NetSetMan 2.5.1 for short.

According to LifeHacker , there are other tasks that you can perform in order to get your Vista OS to better resemble Windows 7: turn off the UAC (user account control) and forget about those nagging prompts; get better hardware that will allow for faster boot times (perhaps ASRock ); and last but not least, get some Windows 7 wallpapers and themes.

If you would like to get RocketDock, download location is available here .
If you would like to get Winsplit Revolution, download location is available here .
If you would like to get Aero Shake, download location is available here .
If you would like to get Emerge Windows Shell Replacement, download location is available here .
If you would like to get NetSetMan, download location is available here .

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Turn Your Vista OS into an Early Windows 7 Version
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