Trillian for iPhone 1.3 Released
Article by George Norman
On 09 Jul 2010
The development team at Cerulean Studios, the developer behind popular multiprotocol instant messaging app Trillian, has recently announced that it rolled out a new version of the Trillian for iPhone app. Cerulean Studios announced that Trillian for iPhone version 1.3 is now available for download.

If you would like to get Trillian for iPhone 1.3, you can get the application straight from the App Store – just click here. But before you rush off to get the application, perhaps you would like to know what version 1.3 has to offer. Cerulean Studios highlighted the following Trillian for iPhone 1.3 features:
  • iOS 4 multitasking
  • Handsome new graphics for retina display
  • MSN multiple sign-in support
  • Additional bug fixes, speed improvements, and smaller usability enhancements.

Trillian for iPhone 1.3 follows in the footsteps of version 1.2, which was released back in April. As a little reminder, here are the new bits and pieces Trillian for iPhone 1.2 brought to the table:
  • Cleaned up contact list design
  • Handsome new service icons
  • Streamlined accounts tab for easier usage
  • Improvements to first time wizard
  • MetaContacts display service icons on right
  • Push privacy – push names only option
  • Basic emoji integration
  • Additional bug fixes, speed improvements, and smaller usability enhancements.

Before v. 1.2 there was Trillian for iPhone 1.1, which had the following to boast about:
  • Landscape mode
  • Facebook chat
  • day sign-out
  • Many new contact list options: sorting, offline contacts, new view modes, and more!
  • Various enhancements to the contact information screen
  • Tidying up the message window controls for improved usability
  • Pulling through more options from our desktop app, including contact privacy and per-connection settings (including hostname/port tweaks for XMPP)
  • Additional bug fixes, speed improvements, and smaller usability enhancements

And so we get to the original, to Trillian for iPhone 1.0, the app that made it all possible. Here is what version 1.0 boasted about when it was launched:
  • A simple and straightforward UI (user interface) that displays all your IM contacts in an organized manner.
  • The chat experience will be similar to the desktop version – bubble view for chat windows and tabs to chat with multiple contacts; set your avatar, status and status message; manage multiple identities and multiple IM connections.
  • Trillian for iPhone will be permanently connected with the Astra server, meaning that you will benefit from instant synchronization across multiple platforms. For example, when you change your avatar in Trillian for iPhone, the change will be displayed in Trillian for Windows and your online Astra Profile. The same will happen when you add a new contact in Trillian for iPhone – the contact will be added to Astra for Windows as well.
  • Sign in from multiple devices simultaneously. Cerulean Studios explains: “Trillian supports multiple devices utilizing the same IM services with the same usernames. Your Astra, AIM, and all XMPP-powered services will always be online without ever worrying about kicking another connection offline.”
  • All your Trillian for iPhone sessions will be stored by Cerulean Studios’ Octopus server technology. This means that you will not lose any part of a conversation if you lose your internet connection or exit the application.
  • Push Notification: this is a new feature in the iPhone OS 3.0 that allows you to be notified when you receive an instant message in Trillian - even if the app is closed at the moment.
  • Favorites: because fitting 500+ contacts on the iPhone’s screen is an issue, Cerulean Studios launched a new feature called Favorites that allows you to set up a separate list of contacts you frequently chat with.
  • Instant search on the contacts screen
  • All open chats are readily available for you to view thanks to a new chats screen and a tabbed chat window.


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Trillian for iPhone 1.3 Released
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