Trillian 5.0 for Windows Is Out, Free for Desktop and Mobile
Article by George Norman
On 10 May 2011
Cerulean Studios, the company behind the popular Trillian multiprotocol instant messaging application, announced yesterday that the final version of Trillian 5.0 for Windows has been released to the public. The good news is that version 5.0 comes with a nice new interface, features improved social integration, stores cloud-based chat history, and is a continuous client.

As you may remember, continuous client functionality was introduced when Trillian 5.0 for Windows was still in Beta. Here’s a brief explanation of what continuous client functionality means.


Trillian is a very useful tool that helps you communicate with others. The problem is “conversation fragmentation” as Cerulean Studios called it. You can chat with others using Trillian for Windows, Trillian on your Android or iPhone, and Trillian for Mac. The problem arises when you switch from one client to another. Continuous client functionality refers to the fact that the option to share your chats in realtime between all your devices has been added. When you switch from one device to another, parts of your conversation will no longer get lost; the continuous client ensures this doesn’t happen by sharing chats between all your devices in real time.

Getting back Trillian 5.0 for Windows, there’s more good news, apart from the fact that the final version has been released. The good news is that Trillian 5.0 for Windows is free for desktop and mobile. This means that features that were in the past reserved for Trillian Pro (sign in from multiple locations, themes, activity history viewer, and so on) are now available for free.

“Themes, an awesome activity history viewer, and all the rest of Trillian’s great features will now be available to everyone!” said the Cerulean Studios team. “This is an exciting step forward and means our users will always experience the best products we have to offer. To continue to reward our amazing paying customers, Trillian Pro will carry on as a way to contribute to our development efforts directly, hide ads across all versions, and unlock the ability to store your chat history online. We hope you’re as excited as we are and will continue to support Trillian and spread the word!”

If you would like to get Trillian 5.0 for Windows, you can grab it straight from Cerulean Studios here.

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Trillian 5.0 for Windows Is Out, Free for Desktop and Mobile
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