Touchnote Makes Greeting Cards Personal Again
Article by George Norman
On 05 Nov 2008
Touchnote is a brand new online service that was launched this week in the United Kingdom that lets you design and create your very own greeting cards. All it takes are a few clicks of a mouse and a few keystrokes and you will have a personal card that Touchstone will print out and send out for you. Of course, the card will not be sent out randomly, just to the people that you specify.

Here is the scenario that I was thinking about. Let’s say that you get an automated email message telling you that tomorrow your girlfriend is celebrating her birthday. Why an email message? Because you spend so much time online and in online virtual worlds that you just can’t be bothered by things that are not computer or software related, so setting up such an alarm makes sense. Getting back to the girlfriend scenario, I think flowers and a card would be in order. There are plenty of online flower shops that will deliver a beautiful bouquet of roses, so that’s a check.


What about the card? As we have already established above, going outside and looking for a card would be too much of a hassle (who wants to deal with the crowds, the traffic, pushy marketers, and so on), not to mention that you don’t want to get any run-of-the-mill card, you want something more personal – and this is where Touchnote comes in. You can personally hand pick the image on the card as well as the message, meaning that your card will be one of a kind and your girlfriend will be pleased (perhaps a MapleStory wedding is in order).

So what’s the big deal about Touchnote? Aren’t there other similar services in the UK, such as Moonpig? It is true that the two are similar, but there are three main differences. Number one: Touchnote is considerably cheaper than Moonpig. Number two: Touchnote’s software is incredibly easy to use. Number three: Touchnote is brand new.

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Touchnote Makes Greeting Cards Personal Again
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