Top 3 Reasons NOT to Skip Vista
Article by George Norman
On 23 Oct 2008
In a previous article entitled “Top 3 Reasons to Skip Vista” we have covered the main three reasons why you should not upgrade to Vista and stick to XP (at least until Windows 7 is released). Since we wouldn’t want anyone to think that we are biased, or that we are holding it in for Microsoft and Windows Vista, we have put together a different kind of list, showing the main reasons why you should definitely adopt this OS.

So let’s get down to the countdown and see what will determine you to install Vista on your machine:


Reason 3: The Forrester Report

The study, entitled “Building the Business Case for Windows Vista”, was released by Forrester Research back in April and it depicts several reasons why it is not a viable solution for a company to leapfrog straight to Windows 7. If you would like to read the report yourself, it is available for download on the Forrester web page - the catch is that you have to buy it in order to read it, and this will set you back $279 .

It should be noted that Forrester also analyzed how users implemented Windows Vista, and then published this info in a follow-up report entitled “Lessons Learned from Early Adopters of Windows Vista”.

Reason 2: The Gartner Report

Published back in July, the report is suggestively entitled “Understand the Risks of Skipping Windows Vista”. According to Michael Silver, the one who wrote the report, independent software vendors (ISV) do no support old Windows versions for long periods of time, nor do they support fresh versions of Windows early enough. Those who decided to skip a version of the Windows OS have found themselves in an awkward position with the ISVs. The study presents a few other factors that should have you leaning towards installing Vista on your machine.

Reason 1: Windows 7

There are several issues related to the anticipated Windows 7. First of all, there is no real guarantee that it will be released next year. Windows 2000 was released late, and so was Windows Vista. The only OS to be released on time was XP. The other issue is that by skipping Vista SP2, you will be skipping an operating system which should be stable, for a brand new, untested and unproved one. We are all very eager to see what Windows 7 is all about, but who can say for sure it will not be as riddled with bugs as Vista was?

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Top 3 Reasons NOT to Skip Vista
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