Top 10 Most Amusing Google Search Easter Eggs
Article by George Norman
On 11 Jan 2016
An Easter Egg is a joke that developers intentionally put into their software applications, video games, and search engines. That’s right, Google’s search engine has plenty of Easter Eggs to offer, you just have to know what to look for.

Below I take a look at the 10 most amusing Easter Eggs that Google has baked into its search engine.


1. Google in 1998 – See how Google looked like a long time ago

Google underwent a lot of visual changes during the years. Search for “Google in 1998” and the search engine will take you back in time, showing you how it looked like when it was first released to the public about two decades ago.

2. Barrel roll – Do a Star Fox-style barrel roll

Search for “do a barrel roll” and Google will do just that; the search results will do a barrel roll. The same effect can be achieved by googling “z or r twice.”

3. Super Mario Bros – Click for coins and 200 points

Search for “Super Mario Bros” and the Knowledge Graph will present some useful information about the game. Said Knowledge Graph features a blinking question mark. Click it to get a coin and 200 points.

4. Flip a coin, roll a die – Useful when you don't have one on you

Don’t have a coin on you? Just ask Google to “flip a coin”.

Want to roll a die but you don’t have one on you? Ask Google to “roll a die

5. Zerg Rush – Fight to protect the search results

Search for 'Zerg Rush' on Google and the list of search results will be attacked by small “o” characters. They will destroy all the search results unless you click on them to destroy them.

6. Atari Breakout – Play Atari’s arcade game and smash images

Remember Atari’s classic Breakout game? Well, if you search for "Atari Breakout" on Google Images, you’ll get to play a version of the game. Google introduced this Easter Egg back in 2013 as a means to commemorate the game’s 37th anniversary.

7. Pac-Man – Google’s very first playable doodle

Back in 2010, to commemorate the 30th anniversary of PAC-MAN, Google put an animated doodle on its homepage. It was Google’s very first interactive and playable doodle, mind you! It stays true to the original 1980s game, featuring the original game logic, graphics, and sounds. It even has some of the original bugs.

Search for “Pac-Man” on Google and you can play the classic arcade game in your browser.

8. Teapot – 418 "I’m a teapot" error

Go to and you’ll be presented with a 418 "I’m a teapot" error. Click on the cute teapot and it will pour tea into the cup.

9. A long time ago in a… – Classic Star Wars scroll

Google “a long time ago in a galaxy far far away” and the search results will be displayed as the iconic Star Wars scrolling text sequence. Mind you, this works with Chrome only.

10. Fun Fact – Ask Google a question when you’re bored

When you’re feeling a bit bored, search for “fun fact” or “I’m feeling curious”. Google will bring up some interesting fact, like the one below. I like this Easter Egg the most because it’s fun and educational.

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Top 10 Most Amusing Google Search Easter Eggs
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