Tiny Thief Going Free Annoys Lots of People, Rovio Fixes It
Article by George Norman
On 11 Apr 2014
The Tiny Thief game recently went free. But there was a problem with Tiny Thief going free: the people who had already bought the game were prompted to once again part with their money and pay for the new Bewitched episode. As you can imagine, they were more than a little upset about that.

Rovio came out and explained that they’re not trying to pocket as much money as they can. The unfortunate event is to be blamed on a technical glitch.


Earlier this week I reported that the Tiny Thief puzzle-solving, hidden-objects adventure game went free. Rovio and 5Ants decided to drop the price tag of $2.99 and offer the game for free. They did not give up on making money though. They just changed how they ask for money. Instead of asking money upfront (pay to get the app) they decided to charge for new content (pay to play new levels).

Tiny Thief going free was great news for people who hadn’t bought the game. They could get it for free, play through the free episodes, and then decide if they want to part with their money to get more levels.
Tiny Thief going free was terrible news for people who had already bought the game. You see, they were once again prompted to part with their money.

If you did not want to pay three bucks to play Tiny Thief, you can now get the game for free from the App Store or Play Store. But mind you, the free version doesn’t let you access all the episodes – it only lets you access the first three episodes. If you want to play some more, you will have to pay. If you want to play the new Bewitched episode, you have to pay $1.99 to get it.

And here is the problem. People who had already bough the game were asked to pay to get the new episode. It was as if Rovio could care less if people had already bought the game. It was as if Rovio was trying to pocket as much money as possible by getting people to pay for the game and for new levels. That, as you can imagine, angered lots of people – and they showed how angry they were by posting 1-star reviews and calling Rovio a money hungry company that doesn’t care about its customers.

Rovio responded by saying that this whole incident is to be blamed on an “unfortunate technical glitch.”

An iOS update has been rolled out to fix this problem. Get the latest version of Tiny Thief for iOS, reboot the app, and the issue should be fixed.
An update to fix the problem on Android has not been released. For technical reasons, the purchase history cannot always be restored on Android – and that is why Android users are asked to pay for Tiny Thief a second time. Rovio’s customer support is aware of this fact. So if you have any problems, you should contact support@rovio.com (customer support is offered in 11 languages).

“Our apologies for any inconvenience caused by this issue, our support team is ready and waiting to help get this sorted out so you can continue the Tiny Thief adventure!” said Rovio Entertainment.

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Tiny Thief Going Free Annoys Lots of People, Rovio Fixes It
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