Tidy up your iTunes Library with TuneUp 1.0.8
Article by George Norman
On 23 Oct 2008
This handy piece of software from TuneUp Media weighs in at just 14.2MB, will work on Windows XP as well as Vista and is freeware. TuneUp 1.0.8 was created by a company that prides itself on being entrenched in music, a dedicated team of music lovers striving to provide quality software to other music lovers.

Did you know that as of July, 1.5TB hard disk drives have hit the market? It is a fact that we have more and more available disk space to store our music onto. The thing is though that there are some issues – it is getting damn hard to keep all those music tracks in a well organized collection. It is the small things like misspelled titles or lost/misplaced artwork that are the most annoying. TuneUp will help correct these issues as well as aid you in keeping your audio collection neatly organized.


Here is a simple lowdown on how the software works. Once you unleash it on your music collection, it will go though every file and check to see if they are labeled correctly (if you have Song 2 from Blur for example, it will label it accordingly). It will then proceed to search for the cover art related to your audio files, related YouTube videos, news articles, and even eBay items. It will even alert you if your album is missing a track or two, or if the band you are listening will come to a concert near you. If you decide to go to that concert, you have the option of purchasing tickets to said concert through TuneUp.

Two things must be noted! To get the full functionality of the software, you will have to part with a little money. The free version will only clean 500 songs, so for unlimited song cleanup you have two options: either pay $12 for a 1 year subscription, or $20 for a lifetime subscription. Although there is a Mac version in the works, TuneUp is currently available only for Windows OS.

There are other things that will catch your eye: the company logo and slogan. The slogan is “Your music’s best friend”, a bold claim that should back up a strong software application. The logo depicts a funky, retro spaceman with headphones over his head – simple, but catchy.

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Tidy up your iTunes Library with TuneUp 1.0.8
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