This App Answers the Question "Do I Sleep Talk?"
Article by George Norman
On 16 Sep 2013
Want to find out if you talk in your sleep? Want to find out what you’re saying in your sleep? The aptly named app “Do I Sleep Talk” will provide an answer to such questions.

My significant other has this annoying habit of talking in her sleep and the doubly annoying habit of not believing me when I tell her that she talks in her sleep. Now, I could stay up all night and record her – but I need my rest, so there’s no chance of that happening. Or I could set my smartphone to record all night long – but I don’t want to listen to 8 hours just to find the part where she talks. No, what I need is an efficient tool that will record sound during the night.


Luckily for me, Cleric Software Solutions has an app that will nicely help me with my predicament: the Do I Sleep Talk app (previously known as My Sleep Talk Recorder).

The app will not record all the sound during my 8 hours of sleep; that would use up too much battery. Instead, the app uses noise detection to initiate audio recordings. This means that when it detects a noise, it records it. So when my significant other starts talking in her sleep, the app will record it. If I start to snore, the app will record that as well. Or, if the dog starts barking for some reason, it will record that as well.

In the morning, I can take a look at the app, and then prove to my girlfriend that she talks in her sleep.

Do I Sleep Talk – Main Features
  • Works even when the screen is locked.
  • Time-delayed start is supported.
  • Audio recordings are triggered by noise; the app will start recording only when it detects noise.
  • Set a record window to automatically stop the recorder after a given number of hours.
  • You can adjust the recording sensitivity.
  • Manage recordings: save the ones you like, delete the one you don’t want, share the ones that are interesting.

Do I Sleep Talk is available as a paid and as a free Lite edition. Do I Sleep Talk Lite will record for a max of 2 hours while the paid version will record for a full 24 hours.

Get Do I Sleep Talk (paid version) from the App Store here.

Get Do I Sleep Talk Lite from the App Store here.

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This App Answers the Question "Do I Sleep Talk?"
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