The Week's Funniest and Most Intriguing News (week starting October 10)
Article by George Norman
On 14 Oct 2016
As the weekend gets closer and closer, your productivity goes out the window. You don’t feel like working and you’re not really willing to go over serious news about serious topics.

So, just like the weeks before, I invite you to check out 10 news that will put a smile on your face, make you laugh, and probably even say 'wow' or 'what the f...'


1. Verizon gets Ariana Grande kicked out of a car

Remember the Verizon-bashing ad that T-Mobile rolled out in September, the one with Nicki Minaj? Well, T-Mobile has rolled out yet another ad that pokes fun at Verizon. But this time, they got Ariana Grande to badmouth Verizon.

She’s not going to get far in those shoes.

2. Prey lets you pick Morgan Yu’s gender

According to Bethesda, a core part of playing the upcoming Prey game is that you can tackle every situation in almost any manner you choose. This applies to how you play the game and who you are in the game. If you don’t want to play Prey as male Morgan Yu, switch to the female Morgan Yu. You’re free to pick how you want to play the game and you’re free to choose the protagonist’s gender.

In the new Prey game, which is currently in development at Arkane Studios and is scheduled to be released in 2017, you play as Morgan Yu, the subject of morally dubious experiments designed to improve the human race. It’s 2032 and you’re aboard the Talos space station, which has been taken over by a mysterious alien force. You’ll have to use your wits, weapons and mind-bending abilities to combat the alien force and uncover the secrets hiding in the depths of the space station.

3. How playing GTA V in virtual reality would be like

This fan-made film does an awesome job of showing us how it would be like to play GTA V in virtual reality. It has lots of cursing (just like in the game), so it might not be a very good idea to watch it at work.

Speaking about virtual reality, I have to remind you that the PlayStation VR was released this week.

4. Kaspersky Lab explains why you need a VPN, with a picture

"We think that it clearly shows the difference in the routes your data takes when using and not using VPN," said Kaspersky Lab’s Marvin the Robot.

If you don’t know why VPNs are great, check this out.

5. Tips to stay on the right side of Google Play policy

The Google Play team has published this video that presents 10 best practices to help you develop and launch apps and games which follow Google Play’s Developer Program Policies.

"Watch the video to learn how to review your app, to ensure you have appropriate content and the rights to use it, how to handle user data, and more," says Lily Sheringham on behalf of the Google Play team.

6. Google wants to make sure you know where to vote

Search for "where to vote" and Google will bring up a polling place location finder as well as voting ID requirements. Search for "who’s on my ballot" and Google will help you find info on the candidates, as well as detailed information on your state’s referenda.

"We hope these features will help you get the information you need, when you need it. Your vote matters, so make it count," says Google.

7. Hillary Clinton pronounces GIF with a hard G

How do you pronounce GIF? Some say it’s with a soft G (like Jiff), other say it’s with a hard G (like Gift). Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton falls in the latter category. The Verge reports that Hillary Clinton says GIF with a hard G. Hope this doesn’t influence your vote in any way.

Most Firefox users pronounce it with a hard G by they way.

8. Sprayscape a VR camera app for your phone

Sprayscape, an Android experiment that describes itself as a "perfectly imperfect VR-ish camera," uses your phones gyroscope to take pictures on the inside of a 360-degree sphere.

Get the Sprayscape app for free from Google Play.

9. Google Assistant is packed with Easter Eggs

Google Assistant, the intelligent personal assistant that’s available within Allo and built into the Pixel smartphone, is packed with Easter Eggs. Phandroid managed to find more than 30.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Google hired comedy and joke writers who worked on Pixar movies and satire site The Onion to make Google Assistant feel more likeable.

10. New trailer for "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story"

The official second trailer for Rogue One gives as a closer look at Jyn Erso’s backstory. Turns out that her father is the one who create the planet-buster.

Just two months to go before Rogue One is released.

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The Week's Funniest and Most Intriguing News (week starting October 10)
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