The Mind-boggling Things that Happen Online in Just One Minute
Article by George Norman
On 10 Aug 2016
One minute isn’t a lot of time. Yet, it’s more than enough time for 150 million emails to be sent out and 51,000 apps to be downloaded from Apple’s App Store.

The internet is huge! And when you take a look at what happens in just one minute, you uncover some mind-boggling statistics. Such as...


701K people logged into Facebook

Facebook is 12 years old and has some 1.6 billion monthly active users. It takes just one minute for more than 701,000 Facebook users to log into the immensely popular social network.

2.7 million videos watched on YouTube

More than 1 billion people, almost a third of all the people on the internet, watch videos on YouTube. It takes just one minute for YouTube to get a staggering 2.7 million views. In one day, YouTube manages to rack up some 90 million views.

YouTube’s rivals aren’t doing too shabby either. About 70,000 hours of video are watched on Netflix and 1 million loops are viewed on Vine in just 1 minute.

2.4 million searches on Google

Google handles 2 trillion searches per year and 100 billion searchers per month. It comes as no surprise then to find out that it handles 2.4 million searches in just one minute. Not bad, considering that when Google launched, back in 1998, it racked up a mere 500,000 searches per day.

527K photos shared on Snapchat

There are more than 100 million daily Snapchat users out there and they love to share photos – a lot of photos. It takes just one minute for them to share more than 527,000 photos.

347K tweets posted on Twitter

Twitter is 10 years old and used by some 500 million people around the world. It takes just 1 minute for all these Twitter users to put out more than 347,000 tweets.

38K new posts on Instagram

In just 1 minute, more than 38,000 new posts are added to Instagram. I bet most of them are photos of food.

Coincidentally, Spotify users listen to more than 38,000 hours of music in one minute.

21 million messages sent via WhatsApp

In just one minute, WhatsApp manages to handle about 21 million messages. That’s an impressive number. Here's one that’s even more impressive: WhatsApp has a user base of more than 1 billion.

TL;DR? Here’s an infographic!

Via Excelacom.

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The Mind-boggling Things that Happen Online in Just One Minute
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