The First Google Pixel Videos Are In: Unboxing, Durability Tests, Reviews
Article by George Norman
On 21 Oct 2016
Now that Google’s Pixel phone officially hit the market and people managed to get their hands on the device, the first wave of Pixel videos has hit the web.

I’ve decided to put these videos into 3 categories: Unboxing, Durability Tests, and Reviews. I’ve put the reviews last because it doesn’t really matter what others have to say about the Pixel, the only thing that matters is what you think about it.


And now, without any further ado, here are the first Pixel videos that hit the web.

1. Unboxing the Pixel

First up, the 5-inch Pixel.

Next up, the larger 5.5-inch Pixel XL.

2. Testing the Pixel’s durability

What would happen if someone were to bend, scratch and burn the Pixel?

And what if you were to place the Pixel in a bowl of water for 30 minutes, even though the phone has an IP53 rating, meaning it shouldn’t be able to take this sort of punishment?

How about leaving it for an hour in water?

3. Reviewing the Pixel

The Verge says this is the best Android that you can buy.

Engadget says that everyone else making Android phones should be a little worried.

Android Central says "the Pixel XL is Google's purest and most complete vision for what an Android phone should be, and it carries on the torch from the Nexus phones that came before it."

PhoneArena says that the biggest problem with the Pixel XL is the pricing.

Michael Fisher, a.k.a MrMobile, isn’t impressed by the first phone to be made by Google in and out.

Austin Evans says it definitely feels like a premium device.

Marques Brownlee highlights the best things about Android 7.1, the operating system the powers Google’s Pixel.

Honorable mentions

Speed Test against the iPhone 7 Plus

Which phone is faster? Apple’s brand new iPhone 7 Plus or Google’s brand new Pixel?

Apple’s brand new iPhone 7 Plus or Google's brand new Pixel XL?

Pixel XL teardown

What's inside the Pixel XL? iFixit tears it down to find out.

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The First Google Pixel Videos Are In: Unboxing, Durability Tests, Reviews
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