The Crew By the Numbers: 10 Million Players and Other Amazing Figures
Article by George Norman
On 07 Nov 2016
The Crew, the open world racing video game that Ubisoft published back in 2014, has reached a major milestone: more than 10 million people around the world are playing it. I wonder how many of them started playing The Crew just because it was offered for free via UBI30 this September. But let’s not get distracted.

So as I was saying, The Crew has more than 10 million players. To celebrate this important milestone, Ubisoft published an infographic (see below) that presents some amazing figures, like the fact that players have free-driven a collective 11 billion kilometers, enough to make a round trip to Pluto.


Via Ubiblog.

In related news...

The Crew: Calling All Units, the second expansion for the online racing game, will be released on November 29. The expansion’s main attraction is that it lets you join the cops in brand new Cops vs. Racers gameplay. On top of that, it features 10 extra levels, various new vehicles, and retuned police AI.

Learn more about The Crew: Calling All Units.

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The Crew By the Numbers: 10 Million Players and Other Amazing Figures
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