The Best Driving Simulator in the World is in Montana
Article by George Norman
On 13 Nov 2008
Who would have guessed that “The Land of Shinning Mountains” as the state is affectionately nicknamed would make the news because it is host to one of the most advanced driving simulation technology in the world? The driving simulator I am talking about is so high-tech and so advanced that it can put any PS3 or PC game to shame – as a matter of fact, I don’t even think there is a competition here.

Where is this simulator located and who is using it? It is currently housed by the Western Transportation Institute and is used by the institute’s researchers to study the manner in which regular drivers respond to traffic simulations. This million dollar machine is meant to aid the engineers figure out how road improvements would impact the traffic. The lucky few that will actually get to use the simulator will probably not bee too happy to go back to playing “Midnight Club LA”, even if is on a 42inch wide plasma.


Do you know who else has some topnotch simulators? The United States Air Force! But for the time being I am content with flying an F-16 on my iPhone, rather than go out and find a recruiter. Or at least wait until the technology the military use will become generally available (and affordable).

Here are a few interesting bits of information on Montana that you might want to be made aware of. This western state ranks 4th amongst all US states in terms of size, but when it comes to how many people inhabit it, Montana comes in at number 44 (which is pretty low down the list). Montana has other nicknames, not just the one we stated at the beginning of the article – Treasure State, Big Sky Country, The Bonanza State, The Stubtoe State, and The Headwaters State.

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The Best Driving Simulator in the World is in Montana
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