The 30 Games Google Carefully Picked for its First Indie Games Festival
Article by George Norman
On 31 Aug 2016
The first Google Play Indie Games Festival, which kicks off on September 24 in San Francisco, will put the spotlight on some of the best Android games from US and Canada-based indie game developers.

After going over more than 200 submissions, Google selected 30 games to showcase at the Indie Games Festival. These following 30 games.


1. A Matter of Murder
  • Game type – point-and-click puzzle game with rogue-like elements.
  • Gameplay – one of the guests at an English house party has been murdered and it’s up to you to solve the murder. The details of each murder are procedurally generated, so each case is different every time you play.

2. Antihero
  • Game type – fast-paced strategy game.
  • Gameplay – run a thieves guild in a gas-lit underworld.

3. AR Zombie
  • Game type – immersive augmented reality first-person platformer game for Project Tango.
  • Gameplay – dodge zombies, avoid traps, ride on sliding platforms, and so on.

4. Armajet
  • Game type – free-to-play multiplayer shooter.
  • Gameplay – teams of players compete against each other in fast-paced jetpack combat.

5. Armor Blitz
  • Game type – anime digital collectible card game.
  • Gameplay – assemble a squad of tank girls from the World War II era and lead them to battle.

6. Bit Bit Blocks
  • Game type – cute and action-packed competitive puzzle game.
  • Gameplay – head-to-head puzzle play with friends or against the game.

7. 1979 Revolution: Black Friday
  • Game type – story driven adventure game that revolves around making critical choices.
  • Gameplay – play as a photojournalist who, upon returning home, gets caught up in an uprising against the Iranian King.

8. Coffee Pot Terrarium
  • Game type – turn-based puzzle game of tile manipulation.
  • Gameplay – create pathways to make your way across the map, drop tiles to eliminate the enemy.

9. Crayola Worlds for Tango
  • Game type – AR coloring adventure for kids (6+).
  • Gameplay – travel to a world without color; fight color-crunchers by blasting them with paint.

10. Dog Sled Saga
  • Game type – dog sledding game.
  • Gameplay – you’re a rookie musher and you must learn to foster a competitive and happy team of unique dogs.

11. Endless Mine
  • Game type – arcade game.
  • Gameplay – as Jimbobway, the legendary miner of Kryon-89, it’s up to you to fight the horrifying creatures have been released in the mines.

12. Futurable 1. Summer City
  • Game type – AI-simulated environment where every character is a fully autonomous AI.
  • Gameplay – interact with AI characters.

13. Gunhouse
  • Game type – turn-based puzzle game with tower defense elements.
  • Gameplay – the goal in this game is to protect your precious orphans from a bunch of mechanical alien invaders that want to eat them.

14. HoloGrid: Monster Battle
  • Game type – a hybrid collectible card game and turn-based tactical strategy game.
  • Gameplay – defeat your opponent’s Champion.

15. Hovercraft: Takedown
  • Game type – combat racing, custom vehicle building, action game.
  • Gameplay – build your custom Hovercraft, take it to the streets, and defeat the Thugs that have taken over the highways.

16. HOVR
  • Game type – 3rd person racing game for mobile VR.
  • Gameplay – race through the city on your hoverboard, collect power ups, shoot opponents, and set traps for them.

17. Maruta 279
  • Game type – stealth-puzzle game set in a dystopian future cloning facility.
  • Gameplay – use stealth and skill to escape from the cloning facility.

18. Norman's Night In: The Cave
  • Game type – casual 2D puzzle platformer.
  • Gameplay – follow Norman and his fateful fall into the world of cave and learn that fate indeed may have played hand for Norman and his trusty bowling ball.

19. Numbo Jumbo
  • Game type – casual puzzle number game.
  • Gameplay – connect numbers that add up into a sum (like 2 2 4 since 2+2=4).

20. Numeris
  • Game type – real-time numbers battling game.
  • Gameplay – solve math-based puzzles as fast as you can.

21. Orbit - Playing with Gravity
  • Game type – gravity simulator and puzzle game.
  • Gameplay – launch planets and get them to orbit around black holes.

22. Parallyzed
  • Game type – atmospheric adventure platformer set in a dark and enchanting dreamscape.
  • Gameplay – play twin sisters who have been cast into separate dimensions and must make their way through an ever-difficult, spooky landscape that keeps trying to block their progress.

  • Game type – offbeat noir adventure game.
  • Gameplay – play as a telepathic duo, Detective John Hollis and his cat Devo, to find a cure to a deadly internet meme that has infected the minds of millions.

24. Rainmaker: Ultimate Trading
  • Game type – stock trading game.
  • Gameplay – play the stock market, grow your fortune and become a millionaire.

25. Riptide GP: Renegade
  • Game type – racing game.
  • Gameplay – enter the futuristic world of illicit hydro jet racing, where armored riders outrun cops and boost at breakneck speeds across surging waves.

26. Roofbot
  • Game type – puzzle game.
  • Gameplay – guide Roofie through gorgeous, meditative rooftops and try to get the right color energy balls into the proper slots.

27. Sand Stories
  • Game type – endless builder game.
  • Gameplay – drizzle sand to build your sand castle and escape the tide.

28. SmashWars VR: Drone Racing
  • Game type – multiplayer drone racing game
  • Gameplay – build, fly and race your drone.

29. ThreeSwipes
  • Game type – minimalist match-3 puzzle game.
  • Gameplay – combine 3 or more tiles of the same color to remove them.

30. Zombie Rollerz
  • Game type – casual action game with elemets of classic arcade pinball games and western RPGs.
  • Gameplay – fight zombies with a giant ship fortress.

These 30 games "promise the most fun and engaging experience to attendees," explained Jamil Moledina, Google Play, Games Strategic Lead.

UPDATE – out of the 30 games presented above, the judges selected 7 finalists and 3 winners.

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The 30 Games Google Carefully Picked for its First Indie Games Festival
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