Symantec GoEverywhere Online Personal Workspace
Article by George Norman
On 03 Feb 2009
The GoEverywhere service (which is currently in Beta) launched by security vendor Symantec, allows you to securely sign into your free account, run applications in a familiar workspace and keep your data centralized and safe. What this means is that all your data and applications are on in the Cloud so that you can access them no matter what computer you use and regardless of your current geographical location. The data is protected from attacks and prying eyes, but it can be made available to the people you choose to share it with. The other great thing that Symantec was careful to emphasize is the fact that you no longer need to backup your data since it is already stored online; you also need not worry about keeping applications up-to-date.

Think of it like this: the computer as you traditionally thought of it has been moved online, to a centralized location (that would be the Cloud, or Cloud computing) and took the data and apps with it; the computer you have in front of you is nothing more than a portal, an access gate to your data and info, much like an ATM is your automated means of accessing the money stored somewhere in the bank.


For the time being Symantec GoEverywhere offers four main benefits:
- Personal Online Workspace, meaning that all the bits and pieces you need to perform your day to day tasks are readily available online.
- Zero Management, meaning that you do not need to install software and keep it updated, reboot the machine, or backup information. The pros at GoEverywhere will make sure it is properly managed and securely protected.
- Online Application Collections, meaning that you have access to a wide range of applications that require no installation.
- Single Secure Password, meaning that you do not need to bother with numerous passwords, just the one for GoEverywhere. Once you log into your account you will be able to access your applications and data.

In the future Symantec plans to add more features to GoEverywhere: email, instant messaging, office productivity software, and advanced workspace customization.

A video presentation of GoEverywhere with additional details and the possibility of setting up an account are available here.

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Symantec GoEverywhere Online Personal Workspace
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