StarCraft 2 Targets the Casual Mom Player
Article by George Norman
On 03 Nov 2008
The trend nowadays is to make everything non-R rated – bleep out the “f” words in songs, take out the bad language and violence from movies, and make StarCraft appealing to your mother (say what?). According to producer Chris Sigaty from Blizzard Entertainment, the second installment of the popular strategy game will not be a hit only with pro games, but with their moms as well.

The whole thing (getting your mom to like the game) is going to present a number of challenges for the Blizzard team. If we were to compare it to another tricky task, we would have to compare it to rope walking. The mom analogy is actually Chris Sigaty’s way of telling us that StarCraft 2 will be designed in such a way as to appeal to e-sport fanatics, pro gamers, and the first time player as well.


“I’m going to try to get my mom to play this game. I mean, I know she can’t [micromanage] at the level that these pro gamers can, so we’re actually experimenting back in the opposite direction… so that even the layman can come in and get a grasp of these cool things in the game,” he says in an interview for MTV Multiplayer.

A pro gamer will take a look at StarCraft, or any game for that matter, and figure it out in no time at all. The trick is to get someone that has until now just watched to start playing. And this is where Chris Sigaty ups the ante and brings his wife into discussion. His wife has until now claimed that she could never play the game, even though she has traveled with Chris to numerous gaming conventions and has seen others play it – but if StarCraft 2 could make her change her mind it would be a great accomplishment.

The game, which is scheduled to be released some time next year, will be trilogy-like, with three different stories focusing on the three races in the game (Terrans, Protos, Zerg).

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StarCraft 2 Targets the Casual Mom Player
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