Spreading the Word with YouTube: Christmas Cards and Flunking Math
Article by George Norman
On 15 Dec 2008
If you like to watch all sorts of videos on YouTube, now featuring a wider screen, then you will most likely not go for a traditional greeting card to send out this year. Just like Yahoo Messenger and Emoticarolers, YouTube now lets you send out videos as personalized Christmas Cards. In related news, if you are having problems at school (you are flunking math or science for example) and this is casting a shadow on the upcoming winter festivities, YouTube can help.

In December 2007 YouTube introduced a new feature that allowed registered users to pick a video, personalize it, and then use it as a greeting card. This December the Google owned online video content provider is revitalizing this feature. Here is how the whole thing goes: you get to pick a video that is featured on YouTube (or better yet, make one yourself and upload it), add a Christmassy background, insert some custom festive message, and send it to 25 of your friends and close ones. Since the feature is directly linked with Christmas and the winter holidays, it will be rolled back come January.


“To create your card, visit the YouTube Greeting Cards site where you can choose from dozens of holiday videos uploaded by the YouTube community. Or if you prefer, send a greeting video of your own – either select a video that you've previously uploaded or record a brand new one. For your convenience, we've also added a link on every YouTube watch page under the "share options" section so you can send any embeddable video on YouTube as a greeting card,” explains the YouTube team.

If you cannot enjoy the holidays because the perspective of taking a math or science exam is glooming over you, then perhaps YouTube can be of help. Videos featuring lessons of math, science, biology, physics and other subject matters can be found on YouTube, meaning that you could take advantage of them if you did not pay attention in class.

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Spreading the Word with YouTube: Christmas Cards and Flunking Math
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