Spread the Word about HP Veer with the Free Touchnote App
Article by George Norman
On 23 May 2011
The webOS-powered smartphone HP Veer has recently been rolled out to the public and is now available for purchase from AT&T. HP Palm is obviously very excited about that and its also excited about the fact that the HP Veer is getting great reviews. The company would like other webOS users to help spread the word about HP Veer using a nice webOS app and real-paper postcards.

The app I am talking about is called Touchnote; it is offered free of charge in the App Catalog – see here. Get this app and you will be able to create a customized postcard and send it via snail-mail to anyone you want. To create the postcard you can use any pic shot with your webOS-powered phone or any pic stored on your webOS-powered phone. All you have to do next is enter a message and an address, and your postcard will be sent. A real-paper postcard will be send to the address you specified. You won’t have to pay a thing.


“The app itself is free and, while there’s usually a small charge for producing and mailing your card, we’re picking up the tab to celebrate the launch of Veer,” explained Communications and Marketing Director with HP Palm, Jon Zilber, explained. You can make a card using any photo, but we’re hoping that you’ll be inspired by the Veer to use a photo of something that -- like the Veer -- surprises you by just how much power is packed into such a portable package. Feel free to use your small-yet-powerful images to send a small-and-powerful message to a friend who’d be intrigued by the Veer.”

While you’re at it, you could send HP Palm a postcard as well. Jon Zilber said the team at HP Palm is quite intrigued to find out what sort of postcards you come up with. To send HP Palm a postcard as well, enter the following address: Department of Small and Powerful Postcards, SV01.3.083, 950 W. Maude Ave., Sunnyvale, CA 94085. A user pointed out that “Department of Small and Powerful Postcards” does not fit in the Touchnote app, so he shortened it to “webOS Overlords”. HP Palm replied by saying that would do fine and that the mailroom has been alerted to the change.

In closing, it must be said that Touchnote allows you to send free postcards in the U.S., UK, France, Germany, Ireland, and Spain. It must also be said that the supply of free postcards is limited.

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Spread the Word about HP Veer with the Free Touchnote App
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