Speed Up Windows Boot Time, Delay Startup Application Load
Article by George Norman
On 23 Jan 2009
Does your machine run on a Windows-based OS and it takes forever for the operating system to boot up? Don’t just stand there looking at the screen, take charge of the situation. There are several software applications I want to present to you that will aid your OS in booting up faster: Delayed Exec, Starter, and Startup Manager. With BootRacer you can then test if your actions had the desired effect.

The problem with Windows is that as you install more and more programs, most if not all of them will load during startup and consequently the OS will act sluggishly when booting up – and all you want is to briefly surf the web for some Barack Obama news. Out of all Microsoft developed operating systems, Vista stands out in this regard not because it is somehow challenged in this regard, but simply because its sluggish boot time actually lead to a lawsuit.


Delayed Exec 1.1 comes free-of-cost, will run on Windows XP and Vista, and features a dual window display. The upper window shows the applications that the OS will run at startup (application title, command, and user); the lower window is where you place the applications that want to be delayed (default delay time is 15,000 milliseconds, but you can always modify it). Note that running Delayed Exec 1.1 no longer requires you to have Microsoft .net Framework 3.5 installed on your machine.

Starter does not cost anything, will run on any Windows-based OS, and provides language support for German, Traditional Chinese, and Russian (besides English of course). What starter does is it opens up a Windows Explorer-like window where you can see all the applications, “hidden registry entries, startup folders' items and some of the initialization files” that will slow down your computer boot time. All the entries displayed in Starter can be disabled, edited, permanently deleted, or you could create new entries.

Startup Manager is also free-of-charge, and is incredibly similar to Starter not just in terms of functionality, but looks as well. The great thing about Startup Manager is that it allows you to remove malware and spyware that infected your machine and is automatically loaded at system startup. You can also make a batch file and get applications to load in a certain order.

BootRacer 1.0 is a benchmark tool that clocks you operating system’s boot time: how much time passes until you get the logon screen, how much time passes until the desktop loads, and the best desktop time. The software will issue a speed rating of “Excellent” only if you machine manages to boot up in under 60 seconds.

If you would like to get Delayed Exec 1.1, a download location is available here.
If you would like to get Starter, a download location is available here.
If you would like to get Startup Manager, a download location is available here.
If you would like to get BootRacer 1.0, a download location is available here.

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Speed Up Windows Boot Time, Delay Startup Application Load
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