Software Developer Preps Nagging Sat Nav
Article by George Norman
On 27 Oct 2008
ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems), the next generation of in-car navigation systems which is due to hit the market in a few year's time is said to be more of a sat nag than a sat nav device. This is because the technology will tell off bad drivers, or at least inform them that they could be driving in a better and more efficient manner.

At this point in time your basic satellite navigation system will tell you which road to follow in order to get from point A to point B. The next gen ADAS system will also tell you when to change gears so as to drive more economically, when to change lanes so as to let faster vehicles go by, when you have taken a corner at too greater speed, and so on. You can look at this technology not like a simple sat nav device but more like a driving aid software.


According to the experts we can expect this technology to hit the market in about three years time and once it does so it is believed to have an impact on the number of car crashes. The overall goal is to come up with a “crash-proof car” since there have been several incidents when the driver, following sat nav advice, took the wrong route and wrecked the vehicle. The most notable example is that of a Mercedes SL500 woman driver who wrecked her £96,000 vehicle when the sat nav told her that crossing a river in Leicestershire is a viable route.

The technology will be available in two versions: a hand held device that you can purchase and fit to the car of your choice, or as an incorporated part of the vehicle. Renowned car companies BMW and Audi, who collaborate in developing this new technology, say that future models will have the feature incorporated in the car's dashboard.

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Software Developer Preps Nagging Sat Nav
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