Smartsheet Beta is Dead and Buried
Article by George Norman
On 23 Oct 2008
It pleases me to say that the Smartsheet Beta version which was launched three months back is out of the picture for good. I am glad because the new final version is out, and it is a considerable improvement compared to the Beta.

First of all, I think a presentation is in order. What exactly is this software and what does it do? According to the official description, it is a software application (a strong one at that) which will allow you to better manage your tasks, as well as pool resources for any project you are pursuing, and all in a secure online environment. To put it simply, you can manage lists, keep an eye on deadlines, and monitor accountability. It is a very useful and efficient project management tool.


Brent Frei is the founder and chairman of, company that has been on the market for two years now. He says that the software application is based on five core values that shape the manner in which the user experiences Smartsheet. The software is so successful because it addresses the needs of each user in an effective manner, throughout all stages of its implementation.

Compared to the Beta version which was launched in July, there are three key differences: ease of use, accessibility, and affordability. Some project management tools require a rather sharp learning curve and due to this factor they fail to be effective – employees shy away from the tool, and what’s the point of having a tool if you are not going to use it? With Smartsheet you can access only the parts of the project that are relevant to you.

If you want to give Smartsheet a good going over, then you must know that a 2 sheet Starter Account will not cost you anything. The top of the line account will set you back $59.95 per month, but for that price you get an unlimited amount of sheets.

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Smartsheet Beta is Dead and Buried
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