Round 2 of the YouTube Project: Report
Article by George Norman
On 05 Nov 2008
Project Report is YouTube’s way of getting people to share local stories that may have an impact on a global level, stories that deserve to be covered and brought to our attention. It doesn’t really matter what the story is about as long as it is an important one. To entice people to go out there and find a story YouTube is offering technology prizes from two famous brands, Intel and Sony.

Are you tired of simply watching the news? Do you think you could do a better job, or at least you know of a topic that must be addressed in the news? Then take your camera, do the news and upload it to the YouTube Project: Report web page for the chance to win a Sony Handycam (which is worth around $1,300), Sony Vaio Z-series laptop (about $2,400), or even the Grand Prize of $10,000 (that comes in the form of a journalism grant).


Here is a simple breakdown of the rules and regulations you must abide to. The first thing that you must take into consideration is the length of your story – the rules state that it must be up to four minutes long; it can be less than that, but not more than four minutes. The second thing is in regard to the topic – it must be a local story, something that occurs in your community, but it must be relevant on a global level. Kwame Dawes from the Pulitzer Center realized that for some of you this will not be an easy task and has posted a few tips and pointers on the Project: Report home page. The third thing is language – the video must be in English, or at least with English subtitles.

The fourth and perhaps the most important rule that you must abide to is the deadline – all videos must be uploaded by midnight, the 9th of October. If your video is not uploaded by then, you will have to wait until the next round of this project.

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Round 2 of the YouTube Project: Report
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