Remember Everything, Even When to Take a Break
Article by George Norman
On 05 Feb 2009
Some people out there have a freakishly good memory and consequently will always remember to perform a specific task (something like remembering not to upset your girlfriend when it is that time of the month). The rest of us are so focused with other things that we can’t even remember to get a greeting card for someone’s birthday, or let the cat back in the house and not get drenched in the storm.

Most people resort to traditional means, things like brightly colored sticky notes (which your cat will love to chew up) plastered all over the house that you eventually forget you ever wrote something on it, let alone where you stuck it. Even less effective is tying a piece of string to you finger, which is supposed to get you to remember to do something, but unless that piece of string has a piece of paper telling you what that something is, you will probably have a difficult time remembering.


The traditional sticky notes can be easily ported to the virtual world. Every time you boot up your computer, StickIt, which comes free-of-cost and provides LAN support, will display sticky notes directly on your desktop. There are plenty of customization options to get the notes to appeal to your visual preferences. LAN Support means that you can place notes on other peoples’ desktops.

If you took the time to customize your desktop and would rather not modify it, then perhaps you would appreciate StickyScreen, the online service that lets you use a sticky note as your homepage. There is no registration, no login, and no annoyances – simply type in the note and rest assured that you will be the only one to see it (assuming that no one else uses your computer and the browser).

Perhaps sticky notes, virtual or otherwise, don’t do it for you, but you would still love to be able to remember important things. A simple, no hassle software application to use for this task is MiniReminder. Just set up a new event (date, note, warning) and relax in the knowledge the MiniReminder will warn you ahead of time.

It occurred to me that people that people forget about important events because they are too busy sitting in front of the computer screen, working or just having a bit of fun. Even though computer screen technology has come a long way (even TVs are smarter now), the simple fact of the matter remains that once in a while you must take a break and relax your eyes. EyesRelax is a software application that requires no installation, supports multiple profiles, is password protected, and will inform you when it is time to take a break (according your setup, of course).

If you would like to get StickIt, a download location is available here.
If you would like to get MiniReminder, a download location is available here.
If you would like to get EyesRelax, a download location is available here.

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Remember Everything, Even When to Take a Break
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