Release Your Skype for iPhone Frustrations, Play Damn Birds
Article by George Norman
On 07 Apr 2009
Skype for iPhone has been released, making it easier for the iPhone user to make VoIP calls, send instant messages and generally socialize with other people. But the whole release could not have gone all smoothly, now could it? Instead of just letting users download the app and having some deserved Skype fun, a whole bunch of events occurred making the users frustrated, some undoubtedly saying: “Are you shi**ing me? Why can’t I just use Skype on my iPhone?”

The first bad news came immediately after the release of Skype for iPhone – despite the fact that the app was available for download all over the world, there was one region where users could not get it: Canada. The reason was a mysterious patent-license issue on Skype’s, not Apple’s side. “Are you shi**ing me?”


But wait, it gets better. It soon came to light that if you wanted to make video calls, you could not do that over T-Mobile’s 3G network, you could only do it over WiFi. This spurred the reaction of open-internet advocacy group Free Press which urged the FCC to look into the matter and get carriers to allow the function over 3G networks as well as WiFi networks.

At least users in the US could use Skype for iPhone and make video calls, even if they could not do it over 3G. Users in Germany were informed that T-Mobile Germany does not allow any kind of Skype for iPhone usage, citing technical difficulties for taking this decision. Want to switch carriers? You can do so, but be aware of the fact that none of them allow VoIP calls in Germany (or France). Want to use Skype for iPhone nonetheless? You can do so, but if T-Mobile wises up to your doings, you will see your contract annulled. “Are you shi**ing me?”

The latest Skype incident is a minor one, but it is annoying nonetheless: the app briefly vanished from the App Store. According to Skype the issue was their fault as they submitted a “hotfix” that would make some minor improvements to the app.

There is not much you can do against the people that are “shi**ing on you”, but you can play one game where any fecal-related activities are severely punished. The game I am talking about is called Damn Birds – in the game you are a statue that takes revenge on the birds that have pooped and pooped on the statue for years. Our apologies to the bird lovers out there, but the pooping has to come to an end.

If you would like to play Damn Birds, just click here.

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Release Your Skype for iPhone Frustrations, Play Damn Birds
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