Pizza Delivery, Courtesy of TiVo
Article by George Norman
On 18 Nov 2008
If you thought that TiVo is great because it lets you watch what you want when you want it, then prepare for another great TiVo feature: it is now possible to order from Domino’s Pizza with a simple press of a button. I will agree that it is an ingenious use of technology, but isn’t it also a means of propagating one of the deadly sins, mainly sloth.

Vice President of precision and print marketing with Domino’s Pizza, Rob Weisberg comments: “We are confident that teaming with TiVo on this novel, easy, and convenient way to order pizza right from the TV will be very well received by our customers. This is the first step in the future of customer interactions with the brands they seek to engage with and buy from. This is the first time in history that the ‘on-demand’ generation will be able to fully experience couch commerce by ordering pizza directly through their television set. You’ll see a television ad for Domino’s and you’ll click ‘I want it’ through your remote. In about 30 minutes, your pizza will show up at your door.”


According to Rob Weisberg, thanks to the TiVo, Domino’s sales are expected to increase. When the TiVo user gets hungry, he would look for a takeaway flier, but most of the times the damn Domino’s one was nowhere to be found. That lead the viewer to either eat whatever was in the fridge, or order something from the first flier that he came upon.

In related news, it seems that turning into a couch potato is not good for your health, and I am not talking about something as commonplace as gaining weight, I am talking about cancer. According to the studies, keeping fit and regularly working out has a cancer preventing effect on the human body as it better prepares it to fend off mutated cells. Also, if you thought that missing a little a little sleep in order to keep watching TV will not have a damaging effect on your body, then you were wrong – less sleep equals greater chances of getting cancer.

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