PDC First Windows 7 Impressions
Article by George Norman
On 29 Oct 2008
Yesterday, at the Professional Developers Convention (PDC) in LA, Microsoft finally took the covers off the highly anticipated Windows 7. Even though the operating system presented is still a pre-Beta version, we can now get a a better picture of how the final version will look like. Speaking of pictures, the web is filled with screen shots from the convention (keep in mind that the media got to test build 6801 of Windows 7, compared to build 6926 and 6933 which Microsoft has used in other presentations).

The question burning on everyone's lips is: What's new in Windows 7?


The first thing that you will notice is the desktop – it looks strikingly similar to windows Vista and at fist you will be hard pressed to find some dissimilarities. After you stop your muttering and take a closer look, the differences will start to pop out, such as the fact that the Quick Launch and the Taskbar seem to have fused together (similar to the Mac OS X Dock). The taskbar has multiple functions: launches programs, browses through windows, displays a thumbnail view of running programs, displays full size views of thumbnails, it features a Jump List, and so on.

In terms of “ease of use”, the UAC is now less intrusive (as Microsoft had promised), it is easier to set up home networks, and it is simpler to connect to wireless networks. Windows 7 will scan for available networks and when one is detected the user is prompted by means of a glowing tray icon. Just click it and the operating system will display all the available networks – pick the one you want to connect to and start browsing.

The UAC (User Account Control) will now let you surf the web in silence thanks to a “suppress warning messages” feature. You will only be prompted whenever a 3rd party program tries to make a potentially harmful change to your system.

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PDC First Windows 7 Impressions
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