Opera Next Is One of Three Different Opera Streams
Article by George Norman
On 03 Jun 2013
If the news about Opera Next left you with questions, here’s a quick look at Opera’s plans for its desktop browser.

Last week we announced that Norwegian developer Opera Software rolled out Opera Next, the latest preview of the next generation of Opera web browsers for the desktop. Opera Next 15 for Microsoft’s Windows operating system and for Apple’s Mac OS X were released to the public. Go get them by following this link.


What’s this Opera Next version? How’s it different from other Opera releases? What’s Opera’s plan for the desktop browser? Answers to questions that go along those lines have been provided by Opera Mac Developer Adam Minchinton.

He explained that Opera’s plan “is to have three different streams of Opera for Desktop running all the time”. The three streams are as follows:

Opera Developer
Think of this stream as an early Alpha; or if you want to compare it to something, compare it to Google Chrome’s dev channel release. This stream has all the new cool stuff Opera is thinking about adding to the browser, but it is the most unstable. It is consequently meant for serious testers and hardcore enthusiasts.

Opera Next
This stream can be compared to a Beta release; or, if we bring up Chrome again, you can compare it to the Chrome Beta channel release. This is a sneak preview of what the Opera desktop browser will have to offer in the future. This stream includes the new features that will be included in the final, stable stream of Opera for desktop.

Opera Stable
This is the stable version; you can compare it to the Chrome Stable channel release. Since this is the most stable version, it is meant for the general public.

I keep bringing up Google Chrome because it is related with a big change Opera Next brings to the table – under the hood, Opera Next comes with the Chromium engine.

“We didn't settle exactly how often we will be releasing new builds in these streams but we can tip that you will see new versions coming at much, much faster pace than it was with the classic, Presto-based line,” said Adam Minchinton.

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Opera Next Is One of Three Different Opera Streams
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