Opera Celebrates Opera Turbo Anniversary, Releases Usage Statistics
Article by George Norman
On 24 Sep 2010
One of the cool new features that Opera 10.0 brought to the table when it was released, was Opera Turbo, a server-side technology that is meant to compress data before it is sent to the user. The final, stable version of Opera 10.0 was released back in September, 2009 (the latest Opera version is 10.62). Opera Turbo came alongside the browser and provided faster browsing speeds and less data traffic.

Thanks to Opera Turbo, network traffic is compressed, thus allowing for enhanced browsing speeds over limited bandwidth connections. If you have a pay per usage Internet plan, or if you browse on your mobile phone, Opera Turbo lets you browse faster and at a lower cost (since network traffic is compressed, it only makes sense that you will pay less when accessing the web).


Opera Turbo is not very useful on a high-speed internet connection. But when you have to contend with a low bandwidth connection, Opera Turbo shines. For example when you connect to the web thought a dial-up connection, a3G card, or when you connect to the web though a free WiFi hotspot. Thanks to Opera Turbo the size of a web page is reduced by as much as 80%.

It’s been one year since Opera Turbo is out there. To celebrate Opera Turbo’s first anniversary, developer Opera Software released a few statistics about Opera Turbo:

- Opera Turbo users browsed 25.8 billion compressed pages in total in the past year.
- Opera Turbo served more than 1697 terabytes of compressed data in the past year.
- Opera Turbo has compressed data equal to the printed collection of the U.S. Library of Congress 191 times over, or 319 times the entire contents of Wikipedia.
- There are 50 million monthly Opera desktop users. 1 in 10 use Opera Turbo when dealing with a slow internet connection.
- This August more than 5.2 million users employed Opera Turbo.
- The top countries where Opera Turbo is used are: Russian Federation, Ukraine, India, Germany, Indonesia, Poland, China, United States, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Brazil, Italy, United Kingdom, Turkey, France, Czech Republic, Iran, Slovakia, Romania and Spain.

“Prior to the launch of Opera Turbo, we expected that this technology would be adopted first and foremost by those with dial-up connections and limited broadband,” said Lars Boilesen, CEO, Opera Software. “We are delighted to see Opera Turbo helping users to power-up in a wide variety of countries for a wide variety of needs. It is rewarding to celebrate the anniversary of Opera Turbo with such significant speed gains and cost savings for users across the globe.”

If you would like to learn more about Opera Turbo, please click here .

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Opera Celebrates Opera Turbo Anniversary, Releases Usage Statistics
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