Opera 9.62, the Latest Opera Browser Update
Article by George Norman
On 30 Oct 2008
With the release of Opera 9.62, build 10467 final, the browser manufacturer addresses a few issues that v. 9.61 missed. It seems that Opera’s efficiency is improving: version 9.61 was issued two weeks after 9.60, and v. 9.62 just nine days later after 9.61. Now if that isn’t efficient, I don’t know what is!

According to security researcher Aviv Raff, although Opera 9.61 did a good job of fixing the security holes found in the previous browser version, it did not do a proper job. This is to say that some vulnerabilities managed to slip by the development team. The latest issue refers to the fact that user input is not validated by the “history search” page, meaning that remote code execution by an attacker is a possibility. All the attacker has to do in order to successfully exploit the vulnerability is set up a web page that opens the history search automatically. Once this happens the attacker can load a Trojan program onto the user’s machine, silently and covertly. That malware can then be exploited in all sorts of ways.


Aviv Raff, alongside other security researchers informed Opera about this problem, and it seems that the people behind the popular browser software took heed to their words. Proof of that is the fact that it took Opera just a little over a week to release v. 9.62 – almost half the time it took them to bring out 9.61.

Jon S. von Tetzchner, CEO of Opera software says that during the course of time the Opera browser has been constantly evolving and is not just a simple browser, it is an application engine. The current market context clearly favors Opera and consequently the company’s market share is steadily increasing, on PC as well as mobile platforms.

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Opera 9.62, the Latest Opera Browser Update
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