Nun Attack: Feel Like Shooting Some Evil?
Article by George Norman
On 23 Nov 2012
Nuns with guns, evil skeletons, weapons and miracles, captivating music and gameplay, this Frima Studio-developed app has it all. Go get Nun Attack for Android and iOS and you’re sure to have tons of fun!

The story behind the Nun Attack game goes like this: once upon a time there were 5 nuns dedicated to helping and protecting others. Mortana, one of the 5 nuns, gave in to evil – the other four nuns did not. And so, the battle between good and evil begins. It is up to you to help the nuns defeat the fallen one and the evil that surrounds her.


Eva, the Sister of Guidance, who wields The Moralizers, is the first nun you meet in the game, the one who teaches you how to play Nun Attack. Her special ability, Decoy, summons a ghostly nun that lures nearly enemies into attacking it. While the enemies attack the decoy, Eva is free to shoot them.

Rosy, the Sister of Deliverance, who wields The Slaughterizer, is great at shooting enemies from a distance – you could say she is the sniper of the group. And thanks to her special ability, Invisibility, the enemy will never know where Rosy is. She will be free to rain down bullets on them.

Olga, the sister or Protection, who wields The Blower, is the tank of the group. She is the biggest and the strongest. And as such she uses Taunt, her special ability, to compel enemies to attack her.

Mandy, the Sister of Holiness, the 4th member of the group, can use her special ability, Healing Aura, to partially restore the health of all allies within range.

So you have Eva, the standard character, Rosy, the sniper, Olga, the tank, and Mandy, the healer. You control these characters, get to upgrade their existing weapons and purchase new weapons, get to cast different evil-stomping miracles, and you get to play through 40 missions. So, do you feel like shooting some evil?

Nun Attack for Android is available for free on the Play Store here.
Nun Attack for iOS is available for free on the App Store here.

Additional information on Nun Attack is available here.

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Nun Attack: Feel Like Shooting Some Evil?
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